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Video card to capture device

By cotadog1966 ·
Is it possible to connect the output of a video card into a capture card on the same computer? kinda like viewing what is currently on you monitor thru a capture device in another window?

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Sure it is...it's called a video loopback

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Video card to capture dev ...

Basically, the capture card doesn't give a hoot where the video input source is coming from, so long as the cable plugged in and the video input is compatible with what the capture card expects. But, realize that you will be putting additional strain on your system resources, so make sure you have a fast CPU and enough RAM and hard drive space, because there will be quite a lot of noticeable hard disk activity as the video feed is streamed to the disk during capture. What you want to do is doable, but may not be practical if your machine can't handle the load.

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