Video Card Upgrade Nightmare!

By malicial_eternity ·
I just recently purchased a Nvidia GeForce FX 5200 for my pc, a compaq presario 6000, running windows xp (with service pack 2 installed). I tried to install it as the manual stated, but i have had only problems. My current situation is this:

1)I have disabled my on-board video card through windows.

2) I cannot access my BIOS with monitor connected to either video card.

3) I have removed the battery from the motherboard to have the BIOS reset

Even with all those things, i still can't get a display on my monitor with either card now! I only get the window splash screen. The only difference i've noticed is that when i have the new video card installed to the PCI port with the monitor connected to it, i get the screen before Windows starts offering me to run safe mode etc. that i cannot toggle in. I cannot access BIOS with the new card installed either.

When i have the the monitor connected to the old video card, i can toggle in the same screen, but after i select the mode, the screen remains black.

I'm stuck, and in urgent need of assistance!

P.s. Already doubled checked that my computer could run the card, met requirements with ease.

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When you say

by tintoman In reply to Video Card Upgrade Nightm ...

that your computer "met the requirement with ease" did you check the power rating of the card? I mean it sounds possible that your PSU cannot output enough power to run this card.
Also if you want to return your system to the way it was you would need to remove the new card, partly because it is still trying to draw power and partly because it most likely disables the on board graphics while it occupies the PCI slot.

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by malicial_eternity In reply to When you say

It met the minimun of 128 (its on the box of the graphics card). I made sure to buy something i could use, being that Comp USA is closing down and all sales are final.

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take the new one out

by CG IT In reply to Video Card Upgrade Nightm ...

if you reset the motherboard BIOS by taking the battery out.

Connect your monitor to your onboard video port.

then turn on the machine.

The BIOS will detect your built in video controller as being on and report to Windows that there is an onboard video controller and to use that.

note: you don't disable your onboard video controller through Windows. you disable it through the BIOS. If you disable it in the BIOS, then you save that configuration to the BIOS. Once saved you then turn the system OFF. Install your new video card. then turn the system on. the BIOS will then detect the new video card and report it to Windows. Once you boot into windows, you'll have to install your video card drivers. Until then, Windows will use generic drivers.

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Sounds good

by malicial_eternity In reply to take the new one out

I'm gonna try this idea, seems to make a lot of sense. Here's another issue, the same video card supports S-Video Out, which i connected to my tv. I managed to install all the driver through windows, and activate the new video card. Again, when i connect to my monitor (using that blue connection that most computer connect with by default, dunno the exact name for that sort of connection) the monitor still doesn't display anything. Could it be my monitor doesn't support it?

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