Video Card vs. Power Supply

By andrew.short ·
Hey Guys,

I'm upgrading the video card in my pc. I wanted to upgrade to the Ge Force 7950GT However, it requires a minimum of 350W power supply w/ a 20amp +12v connector. So I called HP and ordered a 400W power supply that that would fit right in my tower. I have 2 hard drives and a Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2 Ghz processor. Do you think this power supply is large enough to handle the video card I want to install? Also I don't know if the power supply has a +12v 20amp connector or not?

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First thing to do

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Video Card vs. Power Supp ...

Is find out if the case accepts a Standard Power Supply and then buy one of the Brand Name Ones if it does something like an Antec or something similar.

They will be powerful enough to run the Video Card and have the correct Connectors on them as well. These will also be cheaper than a HP replacement Unit and better built.

If the case will not accept a Standard Power Supply HP is unlikely to be able to provide you with anything that will do the job properly so you'll be stuck with the existing Video Card.


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Type of Connector on Power Supply

by andrew.short In reply to First thing to do


I ordered a 480w power supply but the connector that goes to my mother board only has 20 pins. My mother board takes a 24 pin connector and my case uses a standard size power supply. Does that mean my case takes a standard power supply?

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Yes you have a standard

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Type of Connector on Powe ...

24 Pin ATX Power Supply. If the external dimensions are just slightly under 6 inches wide 3.5 inches top to bottom and anything up to 5.5 inches front to back with room to spare here so that nothing can come into contact with the PS.

If you buy an Antec True Power PS you'll find a 24 Pin connector with the last 4 pins being able to be removed so that you have a Universal PS that will fit all ATX M'Boards.

The 20 Pin ATX Connector was the standard when ATX was originally released but due to increased power demands by the M'Boards they have had to add extra 12 & 5 VDC Rails to the system to allow more power to be available. Most of the 24 Pin ATX M'Boards also have another 4 - 6 or 8 Pin Power Connector that needs to be plugged in so that there is sufficient power available to run the M'Board properly as well as a Plug In connector for the New Video Cards so that they don't attempt to draw too much power through the M'Board and damage things.


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