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video compression on Windows XP PRO

My question is it possible to keep constant video conpression data with out getting distorsion, I had tried to compress a 3hrs file extention .vob to fit into a regular dvd-r is possible I tried it work but I get this squares and distortion image when I played. I thing the problem is within windows xp so if there is any tools that I can use to better perform the compression constant flow of data let me know.
By the way I been using Dvd2one program and to burn it I used Power Producer 2.0 just incase the problem had to do with the dvd-burner give me some idieas to this right thanx to all of you for you help.

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by wlbowers In reply to video compression on Wind ...

I use DVD2One and burn it with Nero. I have used Nero 5 and 6.

Nero 6 has several video disk tools in it that I have just started to utilize.

I use PowerDVD and play the video from the hard drive before I burn them. This way I can check quality before making a coaster.


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by LigurZA In reply to video compression on Wind ...

There is a program called NeroVision that is part of Nero (or I think you can download off there website). It is really good. You can right at different rates depending on lenght, eg. Long Play, Super Long Play, etc, each offering different different lengths. I did however, when writing in super long play, find that our Panasonic Home Theater only played the disc once. It played the first 2 hours of the disc then died. You could see the menu, but only access programs in the first 2 hours. Could not click on third program. Didn't try again in PC though.

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by DFRANCOPS In reply to video compression on Wind ...

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