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By jarif93 ·
i need some help to set up video conferenceing.
people will be connected from remmote locations for meetings?

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by Oz_Media In reply to video conferenceing

Basically VC consists of any video or web cam connected to a PC and an open client to interface the various machines.

From what I read into this, you have a company that is inviting boardroom style meeteings, this is a major factor as to how far you go with Video Conferencing, for example.

My brothers firm conducts maybe one or two per year, thye just use MS Netmeeting (free) and personal video camera's connected by firewire, USB or S-Video ports on the different machines the users have.

The next phase would be a company who perhaps uses 5 -10 conferences a year where you would use a VC Bridging service, a simple web search fwill find local help. You pay for access to use a company's line services and connections for various PC's..

If this is something a company will be doing on a regular basis, weekly or monthly boardroom meetings etc. I recommend investing in a decent Video Conferencing system suh as those offered by Polycomm. Polycomm solutions utilize some neat tricks like focus on audio (the camera focuses on the source of the sound, as people around a table speak, the camera follows), white board collaboration, one office can draw on a white board template and others can add or change the diagrams live for all to see etc.

These soludions range form the simple equipment to very complex systems depending on your needs. One factor to consider though, BANDWIDTH, for the odd connection A video or Web cam using a downloaded interface such as netmeeting, most CABLE speeds are acceptable.

For full motion and seemingly live movement and speech recognition, you will be looking at upwards of 4 or 5 BRI (ISDN) lines or multiple ADSL lines.

SO the low end, cheap and you get what you pay for.

The middle range, expensive rental of time and services, okay for high quality at low usage.

The upper end, again you get what you pay for. Which, in the case of multiple lines and tracking camera's is VERY high quality and comfortable for constant coll

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by Oz_Media In reply to

collaboration and regular board room meetings.

You company size, # of locations and frequency of use would be the main decision to make.

I've sold and inastalled cheap one that work fine for sime,but other companies require much higher quality and more bandwidth for smooth conferencing.

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