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Video Conferencing

By mlepage ·
We have video conferencing equipement set up with both an TCP/IP connection using the internet and a ISDN BRI.

We got the ISDN because we had problem connecting to other sites using TCP/IP over the internet. We found that there was a problem with our internet connection. It has been fixed.

Now, we are thinking of testing video conferencing over the internet again and if it's working correctly we would get rid of the ISDN BRI.

What do you think? Should we keep both?
Which type of connection are most companies using TCP/IP or ISDN.

We want to do video conference with clients or potential clients. We don't know in advance what type of connection they would use.

Do you think it's an issue not having an ISDN connection for video conferencing

Thank you

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by Cactus Pete In reply to Video Conferencing

We keep our ISDN lines in case we have IP problems, or a client who only has ISDN.

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Keep them both

by amcol In reply to Video Conferencing

My VTC system is both IP and ISDN compatible, which allows me to interact with any other system. Since I do a lot of VTC with outside sources all over the world I never know what technology I'm going to find on the other side. Having both gives me the flexibility to communicate with anyone.

Cost isn't an issue. We save so much money avoiding unnecessary travel the system pays for itself many times over.

IP VTC works just fine. As a US Federal agency we have some unique security requirements but our system is within spec for that.

If you have them both I don't know why you'd want to get rid of one option in favor of the other.

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Keep the ISDN, ditch the Internet

by zaferus In reply to Video Conferencing

If you can't keep both, ditch your Internet connections, at least between your locations. If you use a proxy in your gateway location and keep inappropriate use to a minumum (anything streaming) you should find your ISDN are stable and there when you need them.

Internet lines for video conference is such a gamble if you need the quality to always be there for you.

Ideally - keep both of them. Nice separation of bandwidth utilization makes all the users happy.

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