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I have a windows baased environment(network). I'm just beginning to look into video conferencing, either from 1 location to another, also with salesman(laptop user) and pc users within the same building. Just wondering if anyone has had any expeirence with this and what someone could recommend

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by Iphicles In reply to Video-Conferencing

How many locations are you planning to connect to? And do you plan to multicast? What are the remote locations using?

If you're planning to connect users in the same builing, get a unit (polycom is good) that supports IP as well as ISDN. But for more complicated multicasting with IP routing and ISDN lines, then get a Tandberg or something similar. I use Polycom because we rarely connection to more than one location at a time. Look into Regus suites for remote locations as they rent out their VC rooms for decent prices. And they're located in every major city.

I wouldn't recommend IP for separate locations unless you have at least a dedicated T1 line. Stick with ISDN (min 3 lines for good video/audio).

I used SBC business solutions for my VC. It was expensive, but totally worth it. Hope this helps.

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