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Video Conferencing Feasibility

By jc2it ·
We have a request from management to look at the feasibility of a video conferencing system. We have four physical locations and five nodes on the WAN (2 of the nodes are on the same LAN, see below) that would need video conferencing equipment. The WAN is in a star configuration connected with point to point T1. At least one T1 is heavily used. I have seen some information using WebCam's on the net and it appears that this quality is very poor. I think we would want a resolution of 1280x768 (HDTV quality) so that we can show samples of product. This would need to be point and click, so that there is minimal user work involved.

Is there anyone that has made this work at this scale?
What works and what does not work?
Am I missing any details?
What Open Source options are there?
What Proprietary turnkey applications are available?

A network diagram.

Node A
| Node B
| /
| / ______
| / _( )_
Main Office ____ ( Internet )
(Nodes D & E) \________/
Node C

Thank you

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by jc2it In reply to Video Conferencing Feasib ...

Well, I forgot that the TR strips out extra whitespace, so that diagram does not look correct. If you can imagine a WAN with three nodes, and one hub, and the hub has a connection to the Internet that all of the spokes use, Then you will have a good idea of how the network is set up. Thanks.

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by AmberHaze In reply to Video Conferencing Feasib ...

I would suggest you talk to Polycom. I have dealt with a large number of thier systems with very good results.

Thier website is and I am sure thier sales engineers will help you identify all your technical issues which have to be answered to make it work well. (most notably is making sure your routers are Layer 3 and that you have enough bandwidth to support the quality you are looking for)

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by jc2it In reply to

Thanks, This is probably good advice, and I had not heard of this company before. It sounds like they are the market leader in this industry.

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by jc2it In reply to Video Conferencing Feasib ...

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