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Video Conferencing HW & SW

By brsut ·

I am looking for the latest developments in Video conferencing HW and SW. I need articles that explain in simple language the concepts. I have a conceptual idea of what I need, and if it is being done already thats great, if not then I will proceed to develop what I want. Sorry to be vague about specs but I have confidentiality to preserve.

At a later stage I may require help with development.

Much appreciate your help.

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I'm looking into the same thing

by rkahler In reply to Video Conferencing HW & S ...

I have some idea of what I want, though. I'd like to avoid using 3rd party services. We have only two small rooms that we'd like to connect through a T1 connection over our wan.
I've been trying to find opinions on products such as the polycom viavideo unit and the Winnov videum conference pro.
I would just like to know if the smaller products are worth buying for decent and reasonable performance, or is the only way to get good service to connect through a 3rd party server?

Robert kahler

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I need the same info!

by mbranscum In reply to Video Conferencing HW & S ...

The library is working on a technology plan for the next three years. I am not sure what I need and I also need to put together a budget on the hardware and software needed. We would like to use it for distance learning from TTVN.

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