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How do I go about converting all my videos to DVD, and what programmes do I need. I am running Windows XP and have Nero and Fox Video Studeio. Are these any good. And what cables would I need for my video and Laptop.

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First thing to do is find out if this is legal where you are

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to video converter

Then you have a problem because NB's are not the best thing to use when it comes to using any form of Video Capture as there just are not the suitable parts available. So you are stuck with a USB Device like this one


If you had a real computer you could use either a PCI or PCIe Capture Card and capture and save the Video and Audio and clean it up as well but with only a NB you are restricted to the USB Option which isn't the best by any shape of form.

As for what leads you need this is dictated by the type of Video Capture Equipment that you use so you have to buy the capture equipment first and then the necessary Leads.

The best option is with a Tower that accepts PCIe Cards as these give you access to the full Buss of the computer and much faster transfer rates than anything that is available anywhere else.


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