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Video Editing input and output

By john.biddlecombe ·
I have a video of the kids, a cam corder, and a digital cam corder.
I would like to edit some of the old videos and put them back to video.
Using the PC would seem to be the best way as that will not involve a loss of quality.
What is the best and cheapest hardware and software for doing this, and extra disk for the PC seems a must and I have windows ME. It seems that I should keep a copy on CD for later use but currently I have neither DVD reader or writer and only limited funds for purchase of any of these.

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Video editing - A professional's opinion

by GuruOfDos In reply to Video Editing input and o ...

Firstly, make sure you have 2Gb of disk space PER minute of output video required!!! I know, sounds a lot but trust me on this one!!! Video editing creates HUGE temporary files!

'Cheapest' and 'best' in the same query. What do you want - cheap ORbest?!! Best does NOT come cheap!!

For analogue video, you will not do better than the FAST AVMaster 2000, from FAST Multimedia. It costs ?500 plus VAT (trade)but is the best option for analogue video input/output. The DVMaster from the same manufacturer is pretty good too, but with DV, pretty much any input card will do as the data format is inherently digital and so quality isn't the same issue as analogue.

For actually editing, ULead's MediaStudio is about the best and easiest to use and this comes bundled with the FAST AVMaster 2000. Adobe Premier is ok, but a pain to use.

To render video to tape, at 25fps 768x576 resolution (PAL VHS) takes a LONG time.... a 20 min edited video will take 6 hours to render on a P4, 1.4Ghz...27hours on an AMD K6-2 450Mhz...I know this....I have a 21 minute video rendering on my P4 as I type. Once rendered, this video will take 6.7Gb of disk space, so forget burning to will need a DVD-RAM to back up!!

If your source video is shabby, the output will be can't get out better than you put in.

Avoid Win ME!!! It has extra features to support multimedia, but Windows 95/98 works better and is much more stable. Forget NT or support for this kind of application.

Remember.....huge (and transfer rates in excess of 8Mb/sec happen during rendering) hard disks, as fast a CPU as you can go, and plenty of RAM....regard 256Mb as a MINIMUM. I use 768Mb. Oh yes, I used to edit video on a P200 with 64Mb, but if you have all the time in the world to wait then fine!

Any more help or advice needed, just holler!!

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Good reply.

by admin In reply to Video editing - A profess ...

But pretty expensive for home stuff..... On a budget, short of finding a Video Toaster at a garage sale, he might find a Hollywood Magic card pretty cheap. I got mine for 35$ used and it works pretty well, relies more on hardware than ATI or other budget cards and delivers a pretty good picture for home use. It is probably the most supported inexpensive card. Also strips Macrovision, in case anyone would actually have a need for that sort of thing....

He will need LOT'S of fairly fast disc space for sure, no matter which route he goes..

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Budget Concious

by GuruOfDos In reply to Good reply.

There are cheaper cards around....but make sure they have Philips and Zoran chipsets. Zoran make the hardware MPEG encoding/decoding chips and Philips make the YUV/RGB encoding chips. Don't touch anything with Brooktree chips, such as certain TV capture cards which claim to capture video. The main work should be done by the MPEG hardware on the card, NOT by software!

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by penny_lee_candy In reply to Video Editing input and o ...

TV Max, does the job. But only if your CPU has the speed and your system has a large amount of memory.
This card may be a little slower but when recording Video & Audio, it offers a simple solution for cost.
As for storage there is no way around it, DVD has what you need. ROOM for Video & Audio! Cdroms can only hold so much..!
Windows ME, will work well with TV Max but avoid running other applications and screen saver when recording.
TV Max user.

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