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Video Error on power up.

By DrPreston2 ·
I have a Sony Vaio VGN-FS660W that uses a nVidia video chipset. I was have intermittent issues with the laptop. I found an update to the BIOS on Sony's website and after chatting wiht a Sony tech, downloaded and installed the update. All went well and I got the message
The Update Process Completed Sucessfully, Press OK to Restart Your System". After clicking on 'OK', the system shut down and now when I try to power it on, I get 1-long and 2-short beeps indicating that there is a video error at POST. As the unit is not under warranty anymore, I paid Sony $119.00 to do a diagnostic and they tell me it needs a new System Board for $729.00.
Is there a was to reset the BIOS back or replace it?
Sony says that although their tech recommended that I install the BIOS update, they will not cover the cost of getting my system running again.

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Try reseating

by Jacky Howe In reply to Video Error on power up.

the Memory (RAM). If it works go into BIOS and reset to Defaults.

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RAM Reset

by DrPreston2 In reply to Try reseating

Yes, I have pulled the RAM out and still no luck.

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Remove the Battery

by Jacky Howe In reply to RAM Reset

and the RAM, then power on. Turn it off and then reinsert the RAM, try again. If it has two sticks of RAM try it with one stick.

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When you flashed the BIOS

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Video Error on power up.

Did you get any messages telling you that it was not the right one for this computer?

Did you follow the Update Recommendations?

If the BIOS is corrupt or the wrong one for the System Board or M'Board there is very little that you can do as the BIOS Chip is soldered to the M'Board on most of the Sony Viao's so it's not easily or cheaply replaced.

With the way that these M'Boards are made you need a very expensive Soldering Station to replace the BIOS Chip and as they are expensive not many places have them. If you are desperate you can buy a new BIOS Chip and look for a Electronics Prototype/Repairer capable of working with Surface Mount IC's and pay them to replace the IC.

I'm not sure where you will find a place like that though but you can get replacement IC's from places like BIOS Man and others but BIOS Man is the only place that I have personal experience with.



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BIOS Update

by DrPreston2 In reply to When you flashed the BIOS

Yes, the BIOS update was for this model and I received no error messages about installing it. It installed and said it was successful doing the install. That's when the trouble started. Sony's attitude is 'Oh, well, guess you have to pay us to fix it now." Guess who is NEVER going to buy another Sony product?

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Yes it is unfortunate

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to BIOS Update

But it can happen. While technically Sony may carry some responsibility their Warnings tend to get them off the Hook when ti comes to BIOS Flash Failures.

It is possible to reprogram the BIOS Chip while on the M'Board when this happens but again it requires some Tech with Special Expertize and unfortunately there are not many of these around.

You could however check on the Sony Web Site and see if this model is adversely affected by a NVidia Chip Set issue and if that is the case return it to Sony for Repair/Replacement as per the instructions on their Web Site.


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by DrPreston2 In reply to Yes it is unfortunate

Yes, I know about the recall of the laptops with these chip sets, but although this one has a nVidia chip set, it is not one of the ones in the recall.

Still have a dead laptop....

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