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video memory

By vf2002 ·
hi. can anyone please give me as much information about video memory that you know. and how to upgrade it. also where inside of the computer can i find it to replace it. my system only has 2 mb of video memory and i really need to upgrade it i guess.

also as for ram? can u keep your old ram in your computer when u put in newer ram.

finally. whare is the model number of a computer found. i searched my system and can't find it anywhere. would it be somewhere inside the computer. thecompany that made my system, "JPG SYSTEMS" has long gone out of business so i can't phone them for help. anyone's help will be, so much, appreciated. thank you.

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video memory

by TheChas In reply to video memory

There are far too many if-then-else situations in relation to your question to answer in a general manner within the limits of this forum.

With 2MB of Video RAM, you likely have an older PC.

If you have less than a Pentium II 300MHz system, I recommend that you skip trying to upgrade what you have, and get a newer system.
You can find used Pentium II and III class systems for under $200.

As to the specifics of your question:

Video RAM can be on the motherboard itself in the case ofbuilt-in or on-board video.
Or, on a separate card (video card) that plugs into the motherboard.
Generally speaking, you cannot add Video RAM.

The 'best' way to upgrade, is to install a new video card.

You need to determine if you have an AGP port, or a PCI slot available to install the video card into.
Then, you need to verify that the card will function with your CPU and version of Windows.
You can find 8MB and 16MB PCI cards for around $20.

RAM is even more complicated.
There is a good article posted at that will help you understand the different types of memory.
Kingston may even be able to recommend new memory for your system.

I will assume that your system takes 72 pin SIMM memory.
For Pentium class systems, these need to be installed in pairs. ALL SIMMs in a given system MUST be the same type, and should be of the same speed rating.

As to whether or not you can keep your existing memory depends on how many SIMMs are already installed, and how much RAM you wish to add.

If you can post your system specifications, we can provide more detailed information on potential upgrades.

To get a detailed list of your system specifications, download and run the free version of Belarc Adviser from


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video memory

by RCOM In reply to video memory

First of all video memory is soldered on the video card or motherbaord and cannot be changed out. Some video cards have sockets to add more ram to them usually 2 1 MB chips. But in general you'd its best to get the video adapter (card) replaced.If its built onboard you'd have to disable it in the system BIOS to add another adapter. Since your system only has 2 MB of video ram it must be pretty old and more than likely you'll have to get a PCI slot replacement. PCI slots are the smaller white ones on the mother board where explansion cards are plugged in.

With RAM if you can find the same type its OK to mix them but for best results I'd replace the originals too. If you go to a used computer store they might give a little credit foryour old memory when you buy replacements.

The actual model number isn't really that important. What's needed more when trying to find help is the manufacturer of motherboard and other devices. The motherboard might have the info stenciled on it or possibly on a sticker. If you kept your original purchase documentation there may be information about it there. At least you should of recieved the motherboard manual. The manual would have all the info about what the motherboard is what can and cannot be installed and how to set it up and run the BIOS software.

Everyone doesn't have a money tree but computers are sold so cheap now that you'd probably be surprised. A speedy used box can be picked up for a couple of hunder bucks and would be a high step up from hat you're using.

Hope this helps.

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