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    Video Output Failure?


    by mr.sweetchuck ·

    Hi I’m experancing a problem with one of my servers.

    1. Video output is only a gray screen and the cursor, (which responds to mouse movements.)
    2. Remote Desktop is now failing to connect.

    Resultantly, I cannot administer the server.

    Attempted Resolution to Date:
    1. I have switched out the monitors.
    2. I have also restarted the server.

    Both of these failed to resolve the issue.

    Server Specs:
    HP Proliant 7200
    Windows SBS 2003 Premium Ed.
    Hard Disk Space: aprox. 5GB free on C: partition, 7GB on the D: partition.
    RAM: 2MB

    I’m really need to get video output back up and running on the server ASAP.

    I’d apreaciate any suggestions,

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      by mr.sweetchuck ·

      In reply to Video Output Failure?


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      Seems like

      by mikedyne ·

      In reply to Video Output Failure?

      One of your services is halting the system on boot.

      Have you tried booting in to safe mode?

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        Thanks… But….?

        by mr.sweetchuck ·

        In reply to Seems like

        how would I know what I was doing without being able to see?

        Obviously, restart and press F8, but they are several options available and I couldn’t be certain which one was selected.

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      So you can’t see the POST screen?

      by bart777 ·

      In reply to Video Output Failure?

      If that’s the case then you may have lost the Video port entirely. If this is built onto the motherboard I would call HP. If it’s a seperate card swap it with something basic. See if you have one you can pull from a PC.

      Also, you say that you cannot RDP to the box. Can you ping it? Can you get to shares on the box? Can you open the Computer Management MMC on your machine and remote connect to the server from yours? When you boot the box do you even get a POST beep?

      If you CAN get to files and services on this server then at least the box is working and you need a new video card or MB from HP.

      Let us know what it’s doing please.

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      Well if you are not seeing a POST Screen

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to Video Output Failure?

      The M’Board is now faulty and add the fact that the Ethernet is not working correctly any more this would tend to confirm that the M’Board has suffered a failure.

      The correct way to proceed from here is to replace the M’Board and have your Backup handy in case it is needed.


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      You will need to check the monitor and graphic card..

      by Anonymous ·

      In reply to Video Output Failure?

      Either the cable has come lose from the monitor or the graphic card has gone (or both), check both. And replace if necessary.

      Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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        by mr.sweetchuck ·

        In reply to You will need to check the monitor and graphic card..

        I’m clearly have a bad day.

        2 x faulty monitors! Thankfully nothing wrong with the graphics card.

        (tested the monitors, def done for.)

        Doesn’t explain the Remote desktop issue, but that seemed to resolve with a reboot. Will have to look into it further, hopefully a repeat could be avoided.

        Really bad luck that they went down together.

        Cheers for all the suggestions and help,

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