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Video Over Ethernet

By mr_docc ·
I was wondering if anybody have good input on this senstive project that I am working on, it is really simple but I was wondering how anybody done it before, I need a device that does video over the WAN to a TV without using a PC? if anybody has any input that would be great!!!

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doubt it can be done without some sort of computer control

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Video Over Ethernet

as you need something to establish and control the VPN or IP transmissions. Maybe one of the ultra small plug like mini PC devices from Marvell will be the answer for you. Here's a wiki on it.


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What kind of video?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Video Over Ethernet

What's your input source?

Google 'video ethernet' or try Black Box's catalog.

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response from your other post

by mafergus In reply to Video Over Ethernet

There are a number of devices that will do it. I purchased one at Home depot to monitor the pool. It has a closed solution that broadcasts via rf to a box that is a network access point, then you hace the option to pipe it directly via RCA cables to the tv or over the network.

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I don't think they'll do the job - he wants to go over a WAN

by Deadly Ernest In reply to response from your other ...

not a LAN, so the sender unit has to be able to establish and handle either VPN or continuously send out IP packets to an identified station as the signals will be probably going over the Internet - at least through a number of routers as it crosses the different networks.

Those units you mention all appear to be for hooking up to a local area network, and most are for a dedicated network to display on your PC.

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My bad

by mafergus In reply to I don't think they'll do ...

Call it a monday brain fart. I had lan on the brain. The only devices I have seen for wan connections just stream from an IP address. You would have to have a receiver that could browse then output to a tv.

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Not your fault

by CharlieSpencer In reply to My bad

He does use the word 'Ethernet' in the post title. I too assumed that's what he meant. Now I don't know if he wants to use wire or wireless...

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Sorry for the confusion...

by mr_docc In reply to Not your fault

how I wanted to have network cable coming from that device to run back to the switch in the closet

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Palmetto, I figured wireless wasn't and option due to the

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Not your fault

mention of the WAN and not wanting a computer to be used.

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A little more detail Video Over Ethernet

by mr_docc In reply to Video Over Ethernet

Thanks for all quick replys!!!
We have a problem at my job, that want the departments that want flas screens on hung on the wall and reports displayed on them,

well that was not a problem when I did it for 3 departments now since we have over 7 locations and they all in different locations it getting to build the pc to broadcast the video, since they are not welling to buy a pc everytime an request is made for a flat scrren to be hung. So I looking for a device that I hook up to the flatscreen, plus to an ethernet cable and recieve the Signal

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I'm back...

by mafergus In reply to A little more detail Vide ...

Are these displays going to be running the same content?

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