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    Video playback problems, strange


    by desktoptec ·

    I have Win2000 Pro, P4-2gig, 512 meg Ram, Asus V7100Pro v56.55 (32 Meg) TV-out Video card, and strage playback problems.
    When I play an AVI/MPEG/MPG/VOB/any DVD, or any video file, be it from the DVRom drive, or from the HDD, the video will be “jerky” thru the entire movie. The sound seems fine, only the video will be “jerky”, like it stop/starts/stops/starts, every millisecond.
    I had this problem before, when I had an MSI/NVIDIA (64 meg) G4MX420-T TV-out Video card in my system, and it started being “jerky”, so I swapped the Video card, for the one I have now, the Asus. The problem did not go away.
    Here are some things I have done. I have uninstalled any recent programs, that might be causing the prob. I had upgaded the Video cards to the latest drivers, I have updated Windows 2000, to the latest of everything, including DirectX-c. I have tried all the different settings, like 16bit/32bit/ even 256, and it still “jerks”. This “jerky” happens on any video I play, thru the HDD, or the DVDRom drive. I have turned off “clone”, for TV-out, (by the way the TV-out does still work, but is “jerky” also).
    I have updated DiVx,XviD, and everything else I can think of.
    It has been going on about 2 weeks now, and I am asking for any help, to fix this problem. All suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

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      by black panther ·

      In reply to Video playback problems, strange

      Have you tried turning off any anti-virus, spyware etc

      Have you looked at the monitor / refresh rate and monitor drivers?

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        The simplest things get ya!

        by desktoptec ·

        In reply to ??

        U R # One!
        I had disabled Norton, Sygate, and many other running programs, that didn’t help. I had changed the refresh rates, and drivers.
        But, When you mentioned Adaware, I do have Adaware-Adwatch running! I unloaded it, and Wow, the video is no longer jerky. Thanks for the help!

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