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By infiri ·
Anyone knows how I could track how many times a video plays using windows media player or a similar program? Maybe some way to record a log that saves how many times the video runs...

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WinAMP gives a Play Count for each media file {nt}

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Video player
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One more question...

by infiri In reply to WinAMP gives a Play Count ...

Thank you...
I downloaded winamp and I am able to view the history but I have one more question; where is the history information stored? Is there a log file I could copy to save this information? I need to be able to bring this data from multiple locations and if I know where is the file with this information I could automate the process of pulling this information in a regular basis.

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I'd look in

by seanferd In reply to One more question...

the program folders for Winamp, or its per-user application data folders.

Otherwise, this info may be stored in the registry (yuck).

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