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Video problem

By Jennifer.Gardner ·
I'm hoping that this will sound familiar to someone...

I have a user whose screen is VERY blurry. She said that it's been this way for about a year, but she didn't tell me about it because she knew that she created the problem herself and she was embarrassed. She doesn't remember now exactly what happened, but she said that she thinks she opened a document in Acrobat Reader, something popped on screen asking her if she would like to do something to improve her display, she said "Yes", then she received a message that her computer was not compatible with those screen settings and everything became blurry.

Windows 2000
Dell Optiplex GX1
PIII 933 MHz

I tried un- and re-installing her video driver. I've also tried different refresh rates and display settings.

Has anyone else encountered anything that sounds familiar?

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by voldar In reply to Video problem

My two cents advice:

- check the monitor first with another computer, see if you get the same blurry image, or another monitor to the same computer.See what you get.

My opinion is that the monitor is faulty, and that's from a year ago, and it's not the fault of the user (coincidence can happen though ).

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by voldar In reply to

I say this because you already reinstalled the drivers, checked the refresh rates and the monitor settings and you get the same problem.

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by Jennifer.Gardner In reply to

It was the monitor. The best part is, if she would have told me about it when it happened, it would have still been under warranty. Ah well...

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by dmiles In reply to Video problem

The screen image is blurry, particularly lines and other features that should be displayed as sharp

Explanation: Images on the screen appear blurry or poorly defined.

Diagnosis: This is usually a problem with the monitor itself. It can be the cable as well. It is sometimes adjustable with a control on the outside of the monitor.


If there is a control called "focus" or "sharpness", try to adjust the focus level. The control for this may be at the back of the monitor.
Check the cable to ensure it is straight and making good contact. Try replacing the cable if possible.
Take the monitor in for repair. There is a chance that a repair shop can restore sharp focus on the screen

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by Jennifer.Gardner In reply to

Swapped with a known working monitor, and all is well. Thanks!

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by Oz_Media In reply to Video problem

It is possible that Acrobat Reader has changed the default color profile or resolution seting to an incompatible one.

Have you tried removing Acrobat Reader AND the entire Graohics card bafore reinstalling with the new drivers?

Adding new drivers will retain any monitor and color settings.

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by Jennifer.Gardner In reply to

Poster rated this answer.

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by Jennifer.Gardner In reply to Video problem

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