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video problem w/Abit MB's

By Gumballs_06 ·
This is the second time, I've had to replace an Abit MB because the system I built fires up but doesn't produce any video upon booting. I have done the Barebone Boot, with no results. After triple checking my connections, I'm wondering "Is it me(?)" or is this a common problem with Abit MB's? I only purchase this manufacturer's boards at customers behest! Help!!! Please..... I promise not to recommend another one to anyone if I can get this one out of my shop.

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by TheChas In reply to video problem w/Abit MB's

I've had a number of "case" related issues relating to no video. But, come to think of it, many of these were A-Bit motherboards.

What I have found is that the AGP card does not fully seat in the AGP slot.
Since the AGP connector is interleaved, the connector need only be a few 0.001" from fully seated to cause a problem.

To test this, I remove the bracket from the card and and see if the card seats lower into the socket.
If the system now boots, a little bit of careful filing on the DB-15 holes in the bracket corrects the problem.

On some older boards, there was a problem with a bad lot of capacitors.

Still, I have found A-Bit to be one of the better boards that I have used. Second only to genuine Intel brand motherboards.

A-Bit and Asus are on my top list.
Followed by Shuttle, Epox and FIC.


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