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    Video Problems


    by substitute_santa ·

    Hey everybody,

    My computer has a major problem. At first the screen used to freeze
    randomly and for no apparent reason and sometimes it would just go
    black after freezing for like 5secs.

    When that happened i had to restart my computer, but i used to get
    the same problem, so i had to wait a while (like 1-2hours) before i
    could use it normally again.

    Now my computer won’t even turn on! The fans go on and
    everything, but the screen stays black and i don’t get the beep of
    when the hard drive has loaded. My screen stays black and just does
    nothing. I havent gotten any new hardware or changed any settings.
    It just started one day out of nowhere.

    And if this is any help i got a few BSOD saying something about my
    video card and once at the first boot screen somethimg about “com
    80”. I tried a different video card but i still get nothing, please help.
    Thanks in advance…

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