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Video Processing - Jerky Images

By maranatha ·
HELP! I'm desparate!
I've recently installed WIN XP with Adobe Premiere 6 and the first test video I've edited has jerky images. If a subject walks across the camera, he/she has jerky motion, not smooth. Same applies if I pan with the camera.

The video card is a basic Pinnacles card which came with Studio DV. If that can be guaranteed to be the problem, what would a member recommend? System is P4 2.66 Processor with 512 DDR RAM and 80 Gb HDD 7200 rpm.

Appreciate any advice. Thanks.

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by maranatha In reply to Video Processing - Jerky ...

Please email me, as I forgot to check the box!!

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by bodybybody In reply to Video Processing - Jerky ...

You definetly have a fast enough system. You said the card is a Pinnacles card, but you didn't state the specifications of it.

You may need to download the latest video drivers for this card. Also get the latest Windows Updates.

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by Deadly Ernest In reply to Video Processing - Jerky ...

Win XP is VERY picky and you will have to get the latest Win XP drivers for your video card and any other hardware or peripherals. That should solve most problems with graphics.

I have had good graphics from P3-500 using a 16MB Diamond Graphics card, was crap until I got good drivers, but OK after new drivers.

Did your software work OK on the old operating system, if so then the card is good enough.

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by Carmen.Christie In reply to Video Processing - Jerky ...

I experienced this same problem and found that I could not have any other applications, scanners, printers, anti-virus software running when doing my editing. NOTHING ELSES running! I eventually ordered a external hard drive especially for my editing.

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by CG IT In reply to Video Processing - Jerky ...

Video Editing chews up system and CPU resources in a flash. As Carmen said have NOTHING but the video editing software running. If anything, don't have anything else installed BUT the video editing software.

Question:You mentioned that is someone walks across the camera, he/she/it has jerky motion, same with pan, are you shooting and saving all in one? directly onto the HDD? If you are, Digital or Analog?

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