Video Record but sound is too low

By kfhon ·
On my Laptop, I try to record Video in various Video software, all ends up with low volumn, even I turn the Speaker of my Laptop and the recording software to maximum, but the sound still a poblem, any cluse? the laptop can
play any other media without the volumn problem.
I used the same software on my desktop (no problem at all, even I did not turn the volumn to full).

Before my Laptop sent to repair, I did not have that problem.

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Some laptops

by oldbaritone In reply to Video Record but sound is ...

have a combination line/mic input. Verify that the input is set appropriately. It sounds like you might have a microphone plugged in, but the laptop is handling it as a line input. The output from a microphone is much lower.

Maybe when the laptop was repaired, they tested the audio card with a line input, and that's what is set in the audio driver now.

Good luck.

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I think you are right

by kfhon In reply to Some laptops

I open the sound control, only see the microphone, Mic at rear (black), Mic at rear (pink),without line input.

How do I get back the Line-input on the screen anf fix the problem.

Thanks for your valuable input


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Problem solved!

by kfhon In reply to Video Record but sound is ...

Thanks, This was due to the setting to Mic instead of Sound Card, and the Laptop hide the sound card (This is very stupid concept)

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by angelacat In reply to Video Record but sound is ...

Previously I have the same problem of it but when I get the theory of the recording software I find the problem like you that lies in the mic.

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