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Video Skips,Jumps,Speeds up, Prgm Hangs

By the_webninja ·
Problem: When Trying to Record Video, or DVD using Web Cam, Nero Video Recording Program will Lock up. InterVideo WINDVD will Record, but When Windows Media Player Plays the Video, it Skips, Jumps, and Speeds up. Real Player plays some videos Fine, others Skip and Jump. Programs which can take Snap Shots using Web Cam, can not SAVE Images because "Too Many Pixels" Unable to change Pixel size.(Intel Software). However Web Cam Functions fine when doing Live Video Chat in MSN and Yahoo environments.

I have Upgraded Bios, Reinstalled Windows, Reinstalled each individual Program, Downloaded Windows Updates, and I have e-mailed every single Software manufacturer who's Programs are Screwing up. Intel, Real Player, NERO, Intervideo WINDVD, and Windows Media Player, Thumbs Plus, ALL are having some kind of Problems with Saving program or Playing Program,speed of Playing File, And None of the Techs at ANY of these companies have been able to offer any reasonable Solutions to this Problem.

I Turned up My Display Memory manager in Windows to the Max to allow for smoother processing.
I scanned for Viruses, Double Checked for Conflicts and Memory Problems, NO Problems detected. I DID find that DirectX would not allow me to Enable Graphic Accelerator. But I have an Intel Graphics Accelerator. I also found Codecs of BOTH 16 and 32 Bit on my System. And I am afraid to Delete the 16 Bit for fear of making matters worse than they already are.

Any Developers out there want to make some Serious Dollars Should Consider the Needs of the Video Market to Trouble Shoot these kinds of Problems.

In the Mean time, any of you Super Techs want to give me a Clue of what I can do to Fix these Problems? Please?

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by willcomp In reply to Video Skips,Jumps,Speeds ...

I may not be able to help, but for my edifiaction and that of others who will need to know, additional info is required.

Hard Disk model or size and rotational speed
Hard Disk free space
Graphics Adapter (which Intel?)
Graphics memory


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by willcomp In reply to

Well, if it were yours truly, I would add at least another 256MB RAM and install Win XP or at least Win 2000. Win 98 support of USB is questionable and may be root of web cam problem.

A better video adapter wouldn't hurt either.

Since your friends can play your video without any problems, what OS are THEY using?

Someone will surely correct me if I'm wrong, but I seem to remember that DirectX 9 and Win 98 have problems.

Hope you get this resolved.


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by w2ktechman In reply to Video Skips,Jumps,Speeds ...

Dalton is right, we need more info on your system.
Maybe before recording you can look at changing the pixel size
How much RAM is available for the project? if you only have 128, I would suggest an upgrade.

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by the_webninja In reply to Video Skips,Jumps,Speeds ...

Okay here is the System Specs:
Mother Board: Intel D865GBF
CPU: Intel Pentium 4, 3Ghz
Memory: 256mb DDR
Video and Sound ON BOARD.
OS: Win98 SE
Upgraded Bios running in Legacy Mode.
Intel Web Cam USB

Nero- Problem: Locks up Durning DVD Burn, Won't Record Video with Web Cam at all. States "Need to Enable DirectX Accelerator" which has been Impossible. ( I have already upgraded Graphics Drivers. I Have Intel graphics accelerator.

Thumbs plus- Problem- Will not SAVE Digital Snap Shot Made with Intel Web Cam, states "Pixel Size too large, reduce Pixels." No way I can do that.

Real Player- Problem- Videos sent to me (in e-mail) made with Windows Media Player run too fast and Skip and Jump. Videos I make with InterVideo program Also Skip and Jump in Real Player. Videos from Web Sites play Fine in Real Player. (I don't understand it.)

InterVideo- Problem- States "Creating Overlay Error, reduce Resolution." When I Turned up the Memory Manager in Windows this Error went away.
But Videos Recorded with this Program Skip and Jump on all other Programs, yet play fine in other people's computer when I e-mail the video to someone else.

Windows Media Player- Problem- Videos Skip and Jump and run too fast. Same like Real Player.

I hope this helps.

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by wcp In reply to Video Skips,Jumps,Speeds ...

Seems like HW problem to me.

Try installing a video card (at least 128MB DDR and DirectX 9.0 compatible).

Make sure you are using DDR400.

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by rindi1 In reply to Video Skips,Jumps,Speeds ...

Make sure you have enough spare space left on your disk, particularly the partition where your temporary files go to (if you haven't changed your system settings, the C Drive).
delete temporary unneeded files, including IE explorer stuff, then clear your trash can, do a thorough chkdsk (you may have to boot your system to get it done) and then defrag your disk. Now test your system again.

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by CMB from Omaha In reply to Video Skips,Jumps,Speeds ...

Honestly, the first thing I would try (if money isn't too tight) would be upgrading your RAM. 128MB just ain't what it used to be!

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