Video Splitter problem

By nk303 ·
We bought a brand new StarTech 4 Port High Resolution video splitter.

Anyway, we connected it together and it turns on, but it won't show anything on the monitors(projectors). There is just a black screen.
We run the dual monitors at: 1280x768 for screen 1 and 1024x768 for screen 2. They work on the old splitter but it will now show anything on the new one.

I tried to reboot and reconnect and I disconnect all the wires and connected them again, but still no success.

For specs:
Graphic Card: nVidia GeForce FX 5700LE
Windows XP Pro

Please help as I need to set this up as soon as possible.


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It sounds like a duff splitter. <NT>

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Video Splitter problem
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by nk303 In reply to It sounds like a duff spl ...

Please be specific on this "duff" term.

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Duff = Broken

by Bizzo In reply to Wah?

"Duff" is a British term for broken, knackered etc.

Have you tried it on any other system with a different graphics card, or at a different resolution?

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by nk303 In reply to Duff = Broken

Yeah, I tried it on my MacBook at the 1280x800 and then I tried it on a home comp at 1600x1200, both worked perfectly fine. Just this one will not show.

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How, exactly, are you connecting this device?

by 1bn0 In reply to Video Splitter problem

"We run the dual monitors at: 1280x768 for screen 1 and 1024x768 for screen 2."

You have Dual Monitors but only 1 splitter. Are you trying to connect both monitor outputs to the same splitter? I would not expect that to work.

Are you sure you were only using one splitter before. Or maybe a model with more capability than the new one?

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How Im connecting.

by nk303 In reply to How, exactly, are you con ...

Okay, there is 4 ports for output (other words for the projector). then there is 1 input port. I use a female-male vga cable to connect the splitter to the video card. We have another splitter for 2 monitors to be connect and it works fine.

The Video card has 2 ports, one for the primary display and the second for the other screen. We use port 2 for the projectors and port 1 for the screen(lcd)

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There could be ans issue with compatibilty

by kvmswitch In reply to Video Splitter problem

Try a different video splitter, always make sure to go through all the speicifications before buying

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