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By crazydudes2001 ·
hi guys running xp-pro sp2 512ram 1.6mhz processor but when trying to watch video on line it keep breaking up also the audio is a very choppy my question what plug on or setting can i get or change to have a better media experience, default player is windows media player await you response thnks.

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Sounds like a problem with your

by ComputerCookie In reply to video streaming

internet feed, there is no reason that I can see why this would occur unless it relates to your bandwidth from you ISP or the server where you are streaming from has bandwidth problems, what is your download speed?

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Doesn't sound like

by Dr Dij In reply to Sounds like a problem wit ...

he's on broadband, dialup is simply not fast enuf for video.

you'll need dsl or cable, or new fiber to the home conx.

if you're at work after hours, they may not have particulary fast conx either, and is shared by your office or plant.

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