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Videocard shuts down after powering on pc

By mattyismi ·
Tags: Windows, Hardware
Im an amateur with computer so I tried figuring out why my mic wasnt working but my problem got worse after plugging and unplugging some hard drive cables on the motherboard, my video card wont start and my whole pc layout is from an old windows 10 profile. Idk if I pulled some wires accidentally or something but my pc became a mess, can anyone help?
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This is weird...

by RevenantSpawn In reply to Videocard shuts down afte ...

So, you were poking around in the computer? There are multiple things that could have happened here:

1) Electrostatic Discharge. It is the silent killer of computer components. You probably unknowingly fried a PCB by touching traces before discharging yourself on the case, or not wearing an ESD bracelet.

2) The power supply is not strong enough for your hardware. Might want to upgrade to a 600w-750w power supply.

3) You disconnected the video card (hopefully the video card is discrete because onboard would be dead at this point if you don't have a dedicated discrete card) either at the PCIe slot or with the PCIe power connectors to the card.

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