Videocard burnt needs new motherboard?

By emanny90 ·
I JUst bought my pc a year ago and the videocard burnout, they toldme i need to get a brand new motherboard because it comes all together, the price to have it fixed 300 to 500.I got a hp p7-1235 Amd 8. When i only paid there a cheaper way to have it fixed.

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Well according to the HP Web Site this model has a PCI XPress x16 Slot

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Videocard burnt needs new ...

So I would be fitting a PCI Express Video Card if it's actually the Video Chip Set that is the problem. However I would doubt that it is as all AMD Chip Set M'Boards I have ever used tend to crap out with Great Filtering Power Supplies, the ones that HP fit are not even good Power Supplies and pass increased Voltages into the case when you have any Power Spike come down the mains. I personally would expect that there is other damage and buying a $200.00 or more Video Card isn't going to help you much.

Not to mention that the Power Supply also probably doesn't have enough Power to actually power it so it burns out doing even more damage. I'm not sure what's available in Bottom of the Range Video Cards but they should be available from somewhere starting around $75.00 up to whatever the $200.00 is for a Average High End Video Card the Great Ones are far more expensive. Also decent Power Supplies like the Antec Ones don't come in at under $100.00 and generally speaking cost more for something powerful enough to provide sufficient protection though with Antec PS's even the cheapest is infinitely better than the best of most other Makers.

With most things from the big makers though it's cheaper to buy something new then to repair what you already have once the Warranty has expired. It's like all things you get what you pay for.

Of course if there is a Warranty it's a different story and even if there is no Warranty depending on Consumer Law where you live you could still be covered so that the seller/maker has to repair the thing though generally speaking you should never expect to get it back with any of your Data on it as most times they re-image the unit and return it to you as it left the factory in As New Condition.


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