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View DMI event log

By Kiltie ·
This should be a simple question....

Problem: I want to change the boot order, so I can boot from CD first.

I enter CMOS setup, and enter the ADVANCED section, where I can do this.
All the advanced options work, EXCEPT for "Advanced CMOS Setup" option, which gives the error message "View DMI Event Log" then the system "hangs" and I have to reboot.

Question is basically, How do I do this, view the DMI Event log?

OS is Win98SE (but it hasn't got that far yet, it hangs in CMOS Setup), BIOS is AMIBIOS, PC is Pentium III 566MHz with 256MB RAM.

What is the DMI Event Log? What is the logfile called? Where do I find it? How do I "view" the "DMI Event Log"? I could do this with XP Pro, but this system has 98SE.

MSKB (and this forum) contain no info relating to this situation, that I can find.

I believe it is hardware related, but need some info to troubleshoot the problem.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to View DMI event log

This sounds more like a BIOS problem than anything else have you got the latest BIOS version installed?

As you haven't mentioned the Brand of M'Board or System Builder it's a bit hard to point you in the right direction here but it should be a simple matter of just flashing the BIOS to the latest available and then sorting out the settings.

I don't know if this is of any help but DMI generally stands for Desktop Managment Interface there is a likn that may prove useful from the Dell web Site hare at.

I hope that is of some use to you but I can not see how it appplies here as there are no logs to view in the BIOS Setup.


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by Kiltie In reply to

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Thanks Col.

Booting with an XP system did enable me to see the event logs, I cleared all of them, rebooted, checked that the error was still there in BIOS setup, checked logs again, and got what I expected. Nothing, zilch, nada.
Only information messages about processes starting/closing etc

It looks like a BIOS problem, so I have downloaded a BIOS update. This will become another problem, as sometimes flashing a BIOS can go badly wrong, and the machine in question is my fiancees, she'll kill me if I screw it up.

So.... I have built her an improved machine, with dual boot 98SE and XP Pro and migrated all her stuff across, so I can "play" with the BIOS on the old one
*** wink ***

So as not to keep you waiting further, I am closing this question, and you get the points Col.

If any genius thinks of another answer after closing, by all means email me.

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by Kiltie In reply to View DMI event log

Thanks for your reply Col, sorry for a late comment, but I lost my network (the server and also the C drive on my main PC) and it took a week of testing (to find out a possible cause), then time to replace the parts and recreate the system (yes that fault is still there)

That link you gave col, has some good leads, and gives me some ideas to follow up, thanks.

I, too, do not see how the event log comes into it, as this happens in BIOS setup BEFORE even getting to Windows. Also Win 98SE does not seem to have a way of examining the event log (if it exists).

However, I do have another route to try, which is to boot with an XP Pro system and see what it's diagnostics/help facilities can throw up.

I'll report back if I find any significant info, this is a real puzzle, and I agree, it does seem to be BIOS related.

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by Kiltie In reply to View DMI event log

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