View what users are doing on the server

By borlowski ·
My boss asked me to check on what a specific user has been doing while at work. Our Network Admin is out and not reachable. Can someone give me some help? I've tried to google it but only find that I can do it but not how. Thanks.

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by cmiller5400 In reply to View what users are doing ...

Unless you have administrative privileges, you are SOL until the network admin is back.

What are you trying to monitor? This will help narrow down the very broad question you asked.

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Do have rights

by borlowski In reply to Unless

Hi, I do have rights but have never done this before. My boss wants me to check if a certain end user was actually playing games on company time.

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Where are the games?

by cmiller5400 In reply to Do have rights

Are they web based, downloaded or installed on the PC?

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Not sure

by borlowski In reply to Where are the games?

Hi, I don't know that and I don't believe the end user's boss does either. I am sure that makes a difference on how to see what has been happening. Still trying to google this and not finding anything. Appreciate your input.

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How can you

by cmiller5400 In reply to Not sure

How can you Google a solution to something if you don't know the problem?

Kind of like chopping the arm off for a ingrown toe nail.

If it is web based, and you have web monitoring software, it will be in the logs. If you don't have web monitoring software, you MAY be able to find it in the local PC's browsing history. If they didn't delete it.

In order to watch what happens on the PC's you would need to enable auditing or some sort of monitoring software before this incident occurred.

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Good point

by borlowski In reply to How can you

I'll take a look to see if we have any monitoring software. If we don't, do you have any recommendations? Thanks.

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Good point

Depending on your size (large) Websense is a great product. Probably out of reach for a small business.

Edit: what was I thinking when I wrote the first line...

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Ask the users boss

by jdclyde In reply to View what users are doing ...

it is the bosses job to know what his people are up to.

It is the lazy and incompetent that try to make up for their poor management skills with technology.

Other than looking in your firewall for current websites he is visiting, there isn't much you can do after the fact.

Is there specific behavior your boss is concerned about? Illegal or wasting time? If illegal activity is suspected, tread lightly because anything you touch can be destroying or tainting evidence.

As for wasting time, either the user gets his/her work done of they don't, and it is the managers JOB to know that.

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The boss wants to know

by borlowski In reply to Ask the users boss

The end user's boss asked my boss to check. He needs proof before he can put in a disciplinary action. I'm just trying to do what I was asked to do.

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Plan of attack

by robo_dev In reply to The boss wants to know

Assuming that you can get physical access to the PC, and you have admin access:

a) look to see if any games are installed
b) check the browser history to see if game sites are there.

Once I saw where a user had accidentally posted screen-shots of the high scores to their online golf game to the shared server drive...duh.

Other clues might be if there is a USB steering wheel, joystick, or flight yoke installed at the user workstation :)

Some of those devices have 'force feedback' which shakes the controls. You might ask other co-workers if they have felt any unusual vibrations recently.

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