View Windows XP desktop information on my Windows Vista laptop

By vincentcecelia ·
I would like to connect my Windows desktop to my Windows Vista laptop. I merely want to view the information from the XP desktop on the Vista screen and be able to freely switch back and forth. The desktop came with a CRT monitor but I plan on giving the CRT away because I dont really use the desktop much anymore. Until i am able to buy a quality external hardrive to back up all information, I am looking for means to minimize space and power requirements until I get the hardrive. Is there an affordable product or soemthing that allows me to view the xp computer on my vista laptop while still having control of my laptop? I am not worried about using a separate mouse and keyboard for the desktop. Thank you.

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Give the CRT away and you won't use the Desktop at all ..

by OldER Mycroft In reply to View Windows XP desktop i ...

Because you won't be able to boot it without a monitor.

I fear that what you are describing wound only work the OTHER WAY ROUND - that is, if you were to use the CRT to view BOTH the Desktop and the Laptop computers. This is because the CRT would be capable of being driven by the Laptop, thereby becoming an 'external monitor' for the Laptop.

However, trying to use the Laptop monitor as an external for the Desktop computer simply will not work because there is no physical way that you can feed the Desktop video signal into the laptop.

Hardware-wise, you would be looking to use a KVM (Keyboard Video Mouse) SWITCH - but it won't work feeding the desktop signal into the laptop monitor - sorry.

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by ---TK--- In reply to View Windows XP desktop i ...

this will allow you to remote into the XP box from your Vista box, through a web browser.

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Or you could save yourself time and effort and use this

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to View Windows XP desktop i ...

Just rip the HDD out of the Desktop fit it to the USB Enclosure and then plug it into the Vista NB.


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Thanks for the replies

by vincentcecelia In reply to View Windows XP desktop i ...

Thanks for the information. I was thinking of all those options before and i just was double checking to see if there was a specialized hardware or something I could use to achieve the results until I buy the 1TB external HD from NewEgg.

- the web browser option would work, however, is there a way i can see the files I am browsing on the desktop view through the Laptop? This was my first plan but I do not want the CRT monitor on the desktop after this setup.

- So i guess external HDD it is and i will sell the crt and the other parts of the desktop.

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