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Viewing analog captured videos:

By nina_p20 ·
I have a real problem viewing analog captured videos:
I have a 1.5G P4 (INTEL), 2X45G IBM HDs, Asus 7700 deluxe, 512 Rdram, DV firewire card and miro DC30 card.
Using WinMe.
I'm using a DC30 miro capture card (Pinnacle) - the worst cardI know - for a price of 620$ ...
I'm using it for capturing from a VCR, helped by AVI_IO software.
The DC30 has no drivers for Win2k or XP, so I have to make "chops" of about 2G, put them on the time line of Prem 6.01, and

from there - after editing - back to the VCR. In this case, AVI_IO real helps me, because it divides the movie up to 100 x 2G

- so I can capture a movie WITHOUT DROP FRAMES - about 12G - 14G per hour.
My main purpose was (and still is) to edit wedding clips or movies.
Here I got my first problem: after capturing - whether with AVI_IO or Pinnacle's software - when I want to see on my monitor

the movie, I don't get a smooth motion - it stops for about 2 mS every second, and it looks like a robot move. I tried to

watch the clips with PowerDVD, AsusDVD, with the Playa or the Windows software - the same result.
Only with Premiere's player I see a smooth motion - so I can record it to the VCR.
I found that it works well with an "oldie" program named SMARTCAP - but in a small screen.
The only think that I can figure out is that somehow VFW is controling some (most?) of the programs,
and maybe is not affecting other, like Premiere 6 player.
Now I got a new idea - to try to record a movie for watching on a CDR
- as I've seen some movies downloaded from the internet on 2 - 3 CDS.
As I understood, they were converted to Mpeg2 - or Mpeg4.

I don't know anyone who is in "video business" - so what I'm doing is "hunting in the dark"...
I'llbe very thankful for any help.

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