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    Viewing/Copying ntfs permissions


    by zinnix ·


    I am admining ntsrv4 with sp5. all disks are ntfs formatted.
    How can I view all the current permission of a specific user on a folder and subfolders?
    Also, can I copy them to a new user?

    I used cacls, but it is ugly and do not give methe best results.


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      Viewing/Copying ntfs permissions

      by ron navon ·

      In reply to Viewing/Copying ntfs permissions

      Dear Sir,

      I am sure that you know in NT exist two level of permition
      1)Base on Share.
      2)Base on NTFS Security.
      In related of your question you have to select the folder click on right botton, Properties, Security, now you can see thegroups and users that give permition to this folder.
      Ofcourse you can create another user that have the same permition select the administrave tools select the user manager for domain and click, select the user that now have permition to the folders that you want, choose from tool bar Users –> Copy and know you can create a new user with the same permition .
      Best Regards.

      Ron Farzan

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      Viewing/Copying ntfs permissions

      by guy ·

      In reply to Viewing/Copying ntfs permissions

      CACLS is the normal method, klunky as it is. I would try the NT Resource Kit, I seem to remember that there is another utility there called Permcopy, maybe other utilities in the Resource Kit.

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      Viewing/Copying ntfs permissions

      by arwjnplanotx ·

      In reply to Viewing/Copying ntfs permissions

      Generally it is recommended to setup group access to files and folders. Then all you have to do is add the users to their appropriate group.

      I’m sure there is something I am missing but I don’t understand why you are using cacls. The only reason I can see why you would need to is for batch ops.

      It is very easy to copy user information in User Manager. And, if you setup groups and set their access to folders, then all you need do is add users to the groups they belong to (accountants, mechanics, etc.).

      Hope this helps,


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      Viewing/Copying ntfs permissions

      by mgo ·

      In reply to Viewing/Copying ntfs permissions

      If I understand your question correctly what you are looking for is the tool: DumpSec (Formerly DumpAcl. Search for it. This tool can help you see the permissions on directories and subdirectories. When using the “properties – permissions” way you can only see permissions for the actual directory. It might be different for at sub-directory.

      It isn’t possible to copy them to another user, unless you want to delete the first user, in which case you can just rename the useraccount, giving it the name of the new user.

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