Viewing SBS and Server 2003 Licensing info

By ohm.paul ·
I just started working for a company, and they already had a file server running SBS 2003. All of the 10+ computers in the office are able to connect to the sharepoint site of the file server as well as connect to it to browse its files over the network, so I'm assuming that all the computers have CAL's to connect to SBS. However, there was no IT department before I got here, so I have no way of knowing if the SBS was set up using a per-server licensing or per-user/client structure.

Is there any way to view this information on the SBS server? Additionally, is there any way to log onto the workstations and view the licensing method that it uses when connecting to the SBS file server?

My main concern is that I just set up an additional web server running Server 2003, and I have been told that it will have conflicts if both servers are set up as per-server...can anyone shed some light on this?

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by ohm.paul In reply to Viewing SBS and Server 20 ...

Is this possible? I would like to start documenting the licensing that is being used for all the workstations, but the previous configurers of the network didn't give me much help to start with.

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From Microsoft Q&A session

by CG IT In reply to Viewing SBS and Server 20 ...

Q. Does SBS 2003 R2 provide a mechanism to track and display how many CALs are in use?

A. No. The Licenses console displays the total number of CALs that have been activated on the server and maximum number of clients that were connected since the last server restart. This provides a quick indicator as to whether additional CALs should be purchased. It does not provide a real-time license monitor. You will need to maintain records of what you have purchased, and how you have assigned the first 5 CALs that come with the serve

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