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By Jacky Howe ·
When I'm in My Workspace and I click on Profile, then click on the Top 100 link I can view the Top 100. When I then click on My Workspace I'm disconnected from the internet. I manually have to reset the modem to get a new connection. I can view all other links on TR with no problems at all. This is happening on several different Systems with different Operating Systems, XP Pro and Vista. I can't view the modems log as I can't connect to the modem unless I reset the modem and then the log is gone.

Any thoughts would be appreciated

* the modem is a Netcom nb6+4 and I'm using ADSL

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That's passing strange.

by seanferd In reply to Viewing the Top 100

I have had issues with getting to the Workspace before, taking forever to load. But why that particular pattern should cause your connection to drop, and bugger your modem as well, is a poser.

It almost makes me wonder if it has something to do with the ISP (say, are you getting a new IP upon reset?) or a possible unintended consequence of one of the weird Aussie internet filtering schemes.

And that would be Netcomm with 2 m, yes?

They do list "disconnection" as one of the troubleshooting options, and upgrading firmware as an answer. Although your disconnection scenario is rather peculiar, perhaps there is some "smart" feature of the router being stupid. I'd give it a shot if you don't have the latest firmware.

I was screwing around with the emulator. Under Management, where your logs are, is the Update Firmware option, as well as a Diagnostic. Of course, you won't be able to test the actual condition which produces the error - a common limitation among routers.

I wonder if Wireshark would show anything.

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I have to agree with Seanford here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Viewing the Top 100

But as I have never had the My Workspace actually work reliably for any length of time it's could just as easily be a Code Conflict occurring here.

I would suggest you ask Doug Lane for his opinion on this one Jacky.


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Maybe clicking on Workspace sends a RST.

by seanferd In reply to I have to agree with Sean ...

:0 :^0

I wonder if there is something weird about redirects that can actually bung a connection now. :0

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by Jacky Howe In reply to Viewing the Top 100

I just tried something that I don't normally do. I set the modem to auto detect DNS settings and Bingo. I can go to the Top 100 and then back to My Workspace. I presume that my ISP has changed DNS settings and I may have been redirecting to a secondary DNS Server. Fingers crossed that it will work for me tomorrow.
lol it's that long ago since I checked my ISP's site anything could have changed.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to OK

I'm getting everyones Avatars up, thats a change.

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just like

by .Martin. In reply to Hey
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by seanferd In reply to Hey

I still can't figure why bad DNS would drop your connection altogether, though. Also, why DNS would come into play when the page is already cached and the domain is probably cached on the computers (assuming you have the DNS Client service running) and possibly in the router.

Still, I'm very glad you have improved your connectivity!

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Careful there Jacky

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Hey

If you continue along these lines with the site nearly working correctly TR will have to redesign again so that this nastynes stops and you are back to saying I wonder why that's not working today!


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We arn't

by Jacky Howe In reply to Careful there Jacky

out of the woods yet. No pun for Tiger, but I was able to view the Top 100 and go back to My Workspace this morning after leaving the System running overnight. But when I tried to open a Discussion I was disconected again. After a reset and restart I haven't been able to duplicate the problem as yet.

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