Viewing Unix File Systems from Windows Expolorer

By ianknapper ·

We are trying to view a directory on a Unix system (IBM AIX 5.3) from Windows Explorer using straight ftp from the Explorer GUI.

The file listing (in list view) comes up with a time stamp on the file name which is actually not there.

i.e. From either Unix command line or windows cmd (using ftp to access the unix box) a file called ian.txt exists.

When we view this from ftp through Windows Explorer the name of the same file is displayed as:
09:00 ian.txt
<time stamp><space><actual file name>

FOr clarification all files in the directory show in this way.

This is preventing the copy of file from the unix server as the file we are trying to grab does not acutally exist.

Does anyone know hwo to remove the time stamp when viewing Unix File Systems from Windows Expolorer?

This must be somthing in Explorer as ftp to the unix box via MS CMD works fine.


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Re: Viewing Unix File Systems from Windows Expolorer

See the following resources for more information:


For the latest Open Source tools compiled for SFU, and a forum for developers discussing porting issues, see the Interop Systems website at

For more information about configuring and using SFU and to share your interoperability stories with other users, visit the online community of the Usenet newsgroup at news://

For the latest information about the Windows Server System family of products, see the Windows Server System website at

For the latest information about Windows Services for UNIX 3.5, see the Services for UNIX website at
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1 Service Pack 4 is required on Windows 2000, and Service Pack 1 is required on Windows XP.
2 User Name Mapping does not authenticate UNIX NFS requests sent to Server for NFS. Server for NFS uses the Server for NFS Authentication component for authenticating NFS requests from UNIX clients.

Please post back if you have anymore problems or questions.

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One issue is that the time is GMT, so the real timestamp

by robo_dev In reply to Viewing Unix File Systems ...

is typically off by as many hours you are away from GMT.

This is not an answer, but the WS_FTP utility works a whole lot better or winscp

There are tons of issues with IE7 and FTP...what version of Windows are you running?

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Resolution at hand...

by ianknapper In reply to One issue is that the tim ...

We are experiencing the problem from both Win2K and XP based clients.

FTP clients have not been used as we are trying to keep a level of security control over access to the Unix servers (only a select group of users requir access and only to one particular folder).

Services for Unix has not been used for similar reasons.

However, we have identified a solution.
The unix servers are running en_GB by default as we are UK based.

Switching the Unix servers locale to en_US or UTF8 (required for some Oracle installations) resolves the issue.

Just have to run an assessment of the impact of this change across the estate.

Fun :)

Thanks for the pointers.

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Oh yeah, that was so obvious...NOT.

by robo_dev In reply to Resolution at hand...

So the file lengths were all metric and you have to convert them to feet and inches, right? :)

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