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Viewing Users in Network Neighborhood

By lmcdonald ·
We have roughly 12-15 workstations and they are all pretty much set up the same. Gateways look ok, IP addresses look OK, the majority are W98 with 3Com network cards. When I go into Network Neighborhood I am only only seeing 8 of the users. I have checked all network properties and can see nothing different or unique in the other users that would keep me from being able to see them. I have a printer on 1 of the machines that I need to be able to share with other users.

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Viewing Users in Network Neighborhood

by Mike Long In reply to Viewing Users in Network ...

Are you running under an NT domain?

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Good Question..

by lmcdonald In reply to Viewing Users in Network ...

Sorry I omitted this. It is a Novell domain (4.0 I believe). The users are set up with the Microsoft Netware Client.

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Who is...Master Browser ?..

by Edward Clint In reply to Good Question..

I know nothing about Novell really. But I once faced a similar problem.

The network neighborhood list is provided by a machine deemed the "Master Browser". Any/all lan of netbios-able Win32 machines have one, plus a back-up browser. All win9x/nt/2k boxes by default are capable of being one. Whoever wins an "election" becomes the master browser. The election is a lot more determinate than it sounds though. A PDC generally wins hands-down. It gets more points for being a PDC. Here is a priority list with higher priority/more points first: PDC, BDC, NT server, NT WS, 9x clients etc.

So whats the problem? For me, the problem was a machine was getting elected to master browser that couldnt really do the job. Specifically(in my case) it was a unix box running samba! The Samba unix program emulates a win32 share. It even "appeared" on the network as a PDC. Once we removed the master browser capability from Samba, all the NN problems went away.

How do you know who the master browser is?
There is no elegant way. I use NBTSTAT.EXE . Thats a command line utility(built-in to win9x/nt) that lists a given machines netbios flags. You use arguements -a or -A to speciy IP or machine name. It produces a list of items that look like this:

computer <00>

The 00 is the flag. It is actually the 16th character in a netbios name(Recall NB names restricted to 15). They are hexidecimal values with meanings. For example 00 means its a workstation that can receive second class mailslot requests. 1c indicates internet group name.
And most importantly 1D indicates that that machine IS the master browser. Run NBTSTAT on all machines on your lan and you can find it. Dont hesitate to run it on non-win32 machines, thats how I discovered my problem. Most non-win32 machines will return nothing, but it doesnt hurt to check. Hope this helps.


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File & Printer Sharing

by paul In reply to Viewing Users in Network ...

Do you have File and Printer Sharing installed on all of the clients ?

Windows 9x doesn't appear to announce itself until you install the File and Printer Sharing service.

This is all from my experience under NT Networks and I assume the samewould be true for Novell as I believe it's a problem on the clients, not the server.


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by lmcdonald In reply to File & Printer Sharing

Thanks for the reply, but yes I already have File and Print Sharing installed. Sorry I failed to mention that originally...

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Networking with 98

by pshea In reply to Viewing Users in Network ...

I think I gather you are running ONLY TCPIP on the computers? Also there is a Novell server in this configuration, is it running IPX/SPX? All the computers see the Novell server ok?? All computers have file and printer sharing enabled?? As for the most part I see this only on Windows 98. I find this to be drive sharing only. If you manually set the path to the printers they will share fine(\\computername\printer). If you do a Find Computer, you will be able to sometimes see the missing computers. Upon trying to browes that computer you will get an unexpected network error.

I find that this problem is a result of changing the name of the computer after installing windows from the default mixed number/letter name issued from Windows. If this is an option, reload windows from scratch(re-install does not help) and set the desired computer name at that time during the setup during a custom install.

Also I might thing about changing out the 3com card on one of the non-workingcomputer. I have more trouble with their cards doing goofy things than any others.

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Can't Map

by lmcdonald In reply to Networking with 98

Actually I can't map to the computer or do a find. When I do a find I cannot see any of the computers that I cannot see in Network Neighborhood.

Thank you for the reply,
L McDonald

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by lmcdonald In reply to Networking with 98

Yes Novell is running IPX/SPX. All the computers see the server fine. File and Print Sharing Enables - Yes. I cannot manually set the path. It does not recognize it. It does not find it when I do a Find Computer. The computer is brand new andexactly like 3 others that we installed at the same time. I can see the 3 other new machines fine.

Any other ideas?
Thanks for your response...

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A Late Reply

by zachary In reply to Viewing Users in Network ...

In my limited exp. w/networks here are the conditions for seeing all computers in net 'hood.
If they have IP's, give them the same subnet.
If they have File and Print sharing installed, make sure it's the same service. Win98 and (I think) 95 bothinclude F&P for MS Networks and Netware Networks. Both cannot be installed at the same time. And one can't see the other.

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