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    Viewing windows files from Linux


    by master3bs ·

    I am trying to get my linux box to access our Windows 2000 Advanced Server network. Specifically, it needs to access shared files and folders. I am very new to linux.

    The Windows network has a domain. I have added what I believe to be the computer name to the Active directory in Windows.

    The pc is currently running Debian 3.1. It can access the internet and see the server and pc’s on the windows network. What it cannot do is view printers or files shared on any of the computers on the network.

    The ethernet card activates when it starts. I am manually configuring DHCP giving it a static IP address as well as the correct subnet mask and gateway.

    Under host settings; the hostname is what I believe to the equivalant of the computer name. Domain name is set to the name of our windows domain.

    Windows networking is enabled. The description is set to the default ” %h server (Samba %v) ” Domain/Workgroup is also set to the name of our windows domain. Wins server is not enabled.

    The DNS servers were automatically configured by debian and are correct. There are no search domains.

    The only thing I have changed in the hosts section of networking is adding the static IP address. That didn’t work so I removed it.

    I can ping the static IP address from another pc when linux is running.

    Any help would be appreciated. I will comment as soon as I can as needed with more information; and I promise to rate this answer. 🙂

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