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    Viewpoint Media Player


    by bubba69 ·

    I somehow ‘acquired’ this program (no, I don’t use AOL/AIM or any associated programs). I think it was fairly easy to remove, although it left some references in my registry, and required manually deleting the program folder and all files.

    My question is this… Is this adware/spyware? I searched several blogs/discussion groups and got varying answers. I found one flame from someone who professes not to work for Viewpoint, but basically threating legal action for referring to the program as malware.

    It installs without notice, updates itself automatically and uses system resources. I read from other victims that it allows pop-ups, but I have that pretty well locked down on my machine and haven’t noticed any problems. I did get one pop-up (which is how I found I had ‘acquired’ it). Here is the notice I received…

    “You have been Updated. Your Viewpoint Media Player was recently updated with the latest components to enhance your web viewing. A new browser update is recommended, including advanced pop-up blocking and graphically enhanced search.”

    This alerted me of it’s presence and I immediately removed it. Has anyone else run into this? If so, do you think it’s malware? It really gets on my t1ts when I get something I didn’t ask for that professes to be my friend :-(.

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