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Views on CompTIA A / CCNA for a Comp-sci/Math graduate. Is it Worth it?

By henryhenryhenry ·
I am currently studying maths and computer science at a Russell group university and have been given recommendations by people in industry to look at CompTIA A and CCNA. I had a look at CompTIA A and although I don't have the knowledge in the course, it does not seem to have a huge amount of complex content (apologies for being ignorant if this isn't the case, I'm judging from the sample exam questions). Would this be overlooked by an employer considering my degree (assuming I achieve it!)? I would study it in my own time but the exam still costs a fair amount and it would take up time so if it adds nothing, I won't bother. Also what would your views be on CCNA, this on the other hand looks like a much harder qualification which is also out of scope of the modules I'm choosing to do at university. Thanks for any replies.

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My opinion is

by robo_dev In reply to Views on CompTIA A / CCN ...

The CompTIA certs are fairly common and fairly might look good on the resume for an entry level person to have a whole bunch of CompTIA certs just so it does not look so barren. But don't expect employers to go after you just because of those certs.

The CCNA is a very specific cert that is of value to employers who are Cisco shops, mostly, and for network-related jobs.

Not to advise you to be dishonest, but in the past I have put (honestly) that I am 'currently pursuing XXX certification' (which I was).

If the resume-search engine is looking for folks with that certification, your foot is in the door. If that cert is something the employer really does wants/need, then go full bore and get that cert, if not, don't.

Personally I have about a half-dozen certs and also at least as many where I have bought the book but lost interest.

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If you are studying for CompTIA exams....

by twentytwenty In reply to Views on CompTIA A / CCN ...

Adding to this list would be the list of relevant articles at 100Questions Exam Portal (, which has a good set of reference articles on CompTIA exams, including CompTIA A Essentials and others. The only thing is that it is not a pure CompTIA site but also contains other exams, but it's neat interface makes it easy to find the CompTIA resources.

The other good thing is that you can test your CompTIA knowledge and prepare for the exam via the exam library, which contains free-to-try exam questions. Rather useful I must say!

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156-315.76 Exam

by Hoozuki In reply to Views on CompTIA A / CCN ...

Product Description
156-315.76 Exam
Check Point Certified Security Expert
Exam Number/Code: 156-315.76
Exam Name: Check Point Certified Security Expert
Questions and Answers: 348 Q&As
Update Time: 2014-03-03

Question: 1
Fill in the blank. What is the correct command and syntax used to view all existing Kernel tables on a Check Point Firewall?
Answer: fw tab -t

Question: 2
What process is responsible for transferring the policy file from SmartCenter to the Gateway?
Answer: D

Question: 3
To bind a NIC to a single processor when using a Performance Pack on GAiA, you would use the command
Answer: sim affinity

Question: 4
The process ________ is responsible for GUIClient communication with the SmartCenter.
Answer: B

Question: 5
_________ is the called process that starts when opening SmartView Tracker application.
Answer: C

Question: 6
Jon is explaining how the inspection module works to a colleague. If a new connection passes through the inspection module and the packet matches the rule, what is the next step in the process?
A.Verify if the packet should be moved through the TCP/IP stack.
B.Verify if any logging or alerts are defined.
C.Verify if the packet should be rejected.
D.Verify if another rule exists.
Answer: B

Question: 7
If your firewall is performing a lot of IPS inspection and the CPUs assigned to fw_worker_thread are at or near 100%, which of the following could you do to improve performance?
A.Assign more CPU cores to SecureXL.
B.Add more Disk Drives.
C.Add more RAM to the system.
D.Assign more CPU cores to CoreXL
Answer: D

Question: 8
What is the offline CPSIZEME upload procedure?
A.Find the cpsizeme_of_<gwname>.xml, attach it to an e-mail and send it to
B.Use the webbrowser version of cpsizeme and fax it to Check Point.
C.There is no offline upload method.
D.Find the cpsizeme_of_<gwname>.pdf, attach it to an e-mail and send it to
Answer: A

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