Viewsonic G tablet

By bkrsrb ·
I am very disappointed that you did not list the viewsonic G tablet amongst the top 10. It is widely known that if you root this tablet with TNT or other system upgrade that it runs faster than ever thought possible and contains the dual processor which is the same as the Motorola Zoom.
Once the Honeycomb 3.0 system is released the action of this tablet will be better than most any of the top 10's listed.
Let's face it the Apple Ipad is limited when it comes to allowing the use of anything but Steve Jobs store, accessories and just about anything else that is made other than the high and mighty Apple tethered to digital rights. It is not that the Ipad is not a great Tablet, I would never be so crazy as to suggest anything of the kind, but it's reliance on using only Apple's offering hobbles the Ipad considerably.
You list Adam Ink which is nothing more than vaporware at this point which makes me winder what your thinking when you even suggest it to be of any value until it is actually shipping which it is not and if they follow the same course and do not get a large injection of cash to make the tablet a reality it never will be sold in any amounts other than what they can afford to sell and this point it remains to be seen if this tablet will ever come to fruition. Again like the Ipad the design is incredible but the price is over the top especially for a tablet that does not even exist at this point.
Like I said, snubbing the G tab is a small minded move on your part and it is greatly disappointing that it did not even get mentioned. The mod is simple and the tablet rocks. It is a bit heavy but it is built of glass and steel and the components are top of the line. I have used this tablet for about a month and it is as good if not better than just any of the top 10 units you extol as being the best. I hope in the future that you will do an article about this tablet and give it it's due. And I mean after the mod not with the dog of TapnTap.Now that is a dog. And by the way once you do the TNT or other mods you get the full Android Market a true plus and deal maker in my eyes.

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So your question is what exactly? NT

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Viewsonic G tablet
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He is venting that he has found the Holy Grail of Tablets.

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Viewsonic G tablet
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Reponse To Answer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to He is venting that he has ...

Holy Grail??

He couldn't have the Monty Python Crew are still looking for it.


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