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Vinca Co-standyby server fragmentation

By nickm172 ·
We are running Vinca Co-StandBy server.
The master machine that has our data on it is severly fragmented almost to the point that the server has come to a crawl.

The 3rd party vendor that installed the Vinca software said not to use a defragmenter on it as it would corrupt all our data and crash the server.

They said Vinca does its own fragmentation management. Although the drive is terribley fragmented right now and is so slow trying to search the data or even read/write to the databases.

What can I do about the fragmentation?

I have searched all the manuals that came with the software and vinca's website and have found nothing on fragmentation in any form. Plus I can't user there support service as they (3rd party vendor)bought the software for us.

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Vinca Co-standyby server fragmentation

by dheupel In reply to Vinca Co-standyby server ...

Without knowing much about the Co-Standby server product, but some basic knowledge of clustering, I'm going to take a stab at your issue.

The 3rd party vendor you refer to...if they have altered the Co-Standby Server product in any way prior to installing it on your servers, then do not follow my advice below.


If your setup is just a consultant-installed custering product, then try the following to restore performance on your server...

1) Back up all the servers in the cluster, and all data - VERY IMPORTANT!

2) Down the application servers. Best to do this during a scheduled maintenance time.

3) Isolate the fragmented server from your network, bring it back up. Walk through any prompts regarding the machine not seeing the other clustered machine(s). Let her know it will be OK.

4) Stop clustering services - if the product allows for it.

5) Run Diskkeeper Pro on the machine.

6) Down server.

7) Put server back on network segment and bring it up. Restart clustering services.

Bring up other clustered server(s).

I have not heard of defragmenting causing data corruption a server to crash, at least not with Diskkeeper Pro (or Gold - whatever they call it now).

Good luck getting your server's performance back to normal.

One other thing to check, if you're running MS SQL Server - check the transaction logs. They can get fragmented, and cause performance degradation. Clearing these logs periodically will help to stabilize good performance.

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Vinca Co-standyby server fragmentation

by nickm172 In reply to Vinca Co-standyby server ...

as far as I know its a standard install.
Main problem is this is in an required 24hr a day uptime, so it makes it hard to bring this down for that amount of time.

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Vinca Co-standyby server fragmentation

by nickm172 In reply to Vinca Co-standyby server ...

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