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Vipre AV Software

By etodmrz ·
I read the article today concerning Vipre (used to be Sunbelt Software now GFI?) and am under the impression that you guys are very PRO Vipre!

I recently removed ALL Vipre software from a doctors office terminals and out in the field laptops/notebooks!

Vipre had let a pretty nasty piece of spyware go by, that allegedly removed LSASS.EXE
and prevented Win XP Pro from booting on 3 of the in the field laptops.

After loading MalwareBytes and scanning, the offending malware was removed and all things returned to normal.

I then proceeded to remove ALL Vipre software from ALL machines and replaced it with ESET NOD 32 System Security.

If I can upload the screen shot of the detected spyware that SAILED by Vipre and I'll attach the email between the medical database that the doctor used for her in the field nurses.

The following was an email sent to the medical database admin . . .


Administrator, I am having some concerns with the Vipre AV/Spyware from Sunbelt.

It seems as though the software will sometimes load at boot up and somtimes not.

I had asked you before about this and I believe your reply was that while the Motion notebooks are at the office and connected to the network(cat5 or wireless thru router) the Sunbelt bootup is overlooked and the server here (@ Doctors Office) handles all monitoring.

I have seen it where the Motion Notebooks while connected to the Sprint Internet provider (not the local network) will not load Vipre at bootup. If I click on the Sunbelt/Vipre icon in the START menu, ok fine, it will then start, and give me the "V" icon down in the lower right hand corner by the clock.

Also yesterday they called me in to look at Motion Computing notebook Doctor04, Carol, with a note attached "Starup is Extremely Slow, Admin suggests checking hard drive."

At startup I was getting a pop-up saying that a program failed to load because LSASS.EXE (Local Security Authority Subsystem Service) could not be found, A search was done for lsass.exe and it was found exactly where it was supposed to be! Hmmmmm from experience this smelled like spyware.

First after doing a "routine cleaning" of both files and the registry, and used Ontrack to check HDD, I loaded Malwarebytes and did a scan. 10 items were found (see attached pic) and one of the was the cause of the pop-up. Start up time seems GREATLY improved, I believe I have solved the problem and I am following up with defrag.

Now, how is it that "VIPRE" is on the job but yet these 10 instances of spyware slipped by to degrade the performance of this unit.

Is an upgrade needed or maybe a tweaking of the settings?

Should you/me contact Sunbelt or what do you think the next step should be?

end of c/p

A combined decision was to move AWAY from Vipre To ESET!

I also noticed when d/ling the pdf for VIPRE they do NOT include ESET in their charts
for which I also have u/lable charts.

ARE you REALLY that confident of VIPRE?

Thanks, EtoDrmz

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Who are you talking to?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Vipre AV Software

"I ... am under the impression that you guys are very PRO Vipre! ... ARE you REALLY that confident of VIPRE?"

Who are you talking to? Is this in response to an existing article?

For what it's worth, I've never heard of Vipre or ESET. At work we've used McAfee and MS Forefront; we found Forefront to be easier to administer, used fewer client resources, and did a better job. A corporate reorganization will soon have us running Sophos, with which I have not experience yet. At home I run Microsoft Security Essentials, although that isn't free for workplace use.

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