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Virgin Warning Session

By Scarecrow71 ·
I am a department manager, promoted through the ranks from a tech background.

The situation is that I need to issue a verbal warning to one of my team for not adhering to quality control procedures.

This is my first time at this kind of disciplinary action (although I have given the same employee a less than exemplory performace review) and I have the plan for the meeting down in my head, but under UK employment law, I am required to confirm the warning in writing.

Does anyone have any suggestions, comments or letter templates which you might find useful?

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Written warnings

by Oz_Media In reply to Virgin Warning Session

I used to have my lawyers write wordy legal documents so that I didn't open myself up to further legal actions but it is completely unneccessary.

Just keep it simple and to the point.
As a security forman, I had to write up so many incidents that I soon learned that a point form listing of what happened was enough.

Here's what I'd do;
write down the violations in point form with brief yet concise descriptions of the offenses.
Below the listings, you can add the company policies that were breached so as to add a connection between the infraction and why it is an infraction.

Then simply run down the list with the offender and have him recognize and sign the document after any questions are answered.

This will be legally acceptable in ANY court of law if he persues legal actions.

ie: Sat Oct14th 1976 - User was in breach of company polic regarding acceptable Internet usage.

(followed by)
Company Policy 1:3a - All employees with Internet enabled computers must only use the Internet for the purpose of company research or information gathering for the benefit of the company. Any personal usage or inappropriate material viewed on company computers will be cause for immediate dismissal.

This puts it in black and white. the users action and the rule that was violated. Nobody can argue this.

When yuo hold the meeting, smile and be friendly, you're not there to judge, just to enforce company policy. You're not taking an action, you are following a procedure.

good luck,

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The Sandwich approach

by Chris.. In reply to Virgin Warning Session

This is what a very wise boss once gave me in a smilular situation.

The Sandwich approach
1. Let them know they are in trouble, but identify the good part of the issue
2. Lay it on them and be honest
3. Make sure you cover some sort of thing they have done well and explain that you just want the same type of performance on your current issue.

Oh and make sure you talk with HR about their processes for documenting this type of infraction. Even if they have nothing, this is a good CYA move

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