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virius removal on a storage drive

By yyccalgary ·
I recently got a virius on my storage drive(E:\).I did run a few AV's before I actully caught it.I did quarrentined it but havent removed it as of yet.
I have 2 problems one is..I dont want to format the drive and wipe out 200gb of stuff.The second is my PC is running very slow now almost 3 full mins to boot up.
I have done 2 new installs of windows on the 80gb and its still very slow.
My main concern is...has the virius spread and my AV is not picking it up?Or is it that becasue it quarrentied and not acctuly gone.
I tryed to use highjackthis but it only shows the c drive.
My specs are
amd 64 x2 4600
7900gt ko
2gb pc3200 kingston ram
80gb maxtor
250gb seagate
win xp pro sp2

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to virius removal on a stora ...

This is unusual for a Windows machine as most Virus attack the OS and not the data directly. Are you sure that you don't have a hardware problem first?

To test this out set the system to boot from the CD Drive first and insert a Live Linux CD and see if it loads in a reasonable time if it does you have a windows problem and if it doesn't you have a hardware problem. The diagnose a Hardware problem I would suggest The Ultimate Boot CD available from here

You can pickup a Live Linux CD from most Newsagents as a Cover CD with a Linux Mag and this only loads from the Optical Drive without impacting on any of the already installed HDD/s or you could download one from here

Though a Newsagent would be faster you might not get the version that you want but for testing purposes any will do.

If I'm reading your specs correctly you are saying that you have a Dual Processor M'Board with 2 AMD CPU's on it right? From past experience I've found this setup to be very unreliable and I would suggest removing one of the CPU's and try again. For some reason AMD CPU's don't like to play nice together and even the slightest difference in speed will cause major problems.


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by yyccalgary In reply to

I did run a linux live cd and had no problems.
Also took a look at the The Ultimate Boot CD,I have 90% to the programs that were on it.I used a program called powermax(downloadable from maxtor).Wiped out the c drive and now It works likes before.
One thing I dont get though is the trojan was on the storage drive and was saying quarinteend from E:\system restore volume folder.And I formated the c with the new program and now its gone and no problems!

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by Blackcurrant In reply to virius removal on a stora ...


As well as the above, I wonder if there is anything you have recently installed on your system that might be hogging system resources.

I say this because I installed some security software on my home PC (sold for home use), and my boot-up times just got longer and longer, and the responsiveness of my PC also slowed dramatically. I have a P4 2.8, 1.5GB RAM, ATI 9600XT 256MB graphics card, SoundBlaster Live! 24bit sound card, one IDE and 2 SATA drives. So, performance should not really be an issue. Removing the security software and replacing it with another brand resulted in vastly improved boot times and responsiveness.

I would check out the Task Manager and see if anything is regularly hogging the CPU or your memory.

Good luck

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by yyccalgary In reply to virius removal on a stora ...

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