Virtual DVD Drives in available drives but I never setup these devices

By lab99a ·
I have 2 virtual DVD drives showing in the list of avaliable disk drives and I at no point created these virtual devices and no matter what I do I can't seem to get rid of them and obviously can't use them because I don't know what program created them so it is impossible to load data into the virutal devices.

I am running Windows XP Pro with all service packs and updates installed. The only programs on the system that I am aware of that may have created these devices is Alchol 120% of which I have gone to setup and made sure that no virtual DVD devices are defined. The other is Roxio Easy Media creator 8 and I am not even sure if Roxio even sets up virtual devices.

When I click properties of these devices it tells me the device is an AXV CD/DVD-ROM SCSI CdRom Device. I have gone into device mamager and disabled the devices but when I reboot they are back,

Anyon have any ideas?

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Try msconfig

by zrow0ne In reply to Virtual DVD Drives in ava ...

Click Start then Run and type "msconfig"(without the quotes). Click the Startup tab then click 'Disable all' click OK and restart the computer. After the machine reboots if the virtual drives are gone you know its one of the items under the startup tab. It sounds to me like Roxio is doing this. Go to the startup tab and uncheck any boxes that say something that starts with Roxio next to them...sometimes theres more than one. After you figure out which one it is don't forget to replace the checks you removed from other boxes.

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It Is Not Roxio

by lab99a In reply to Try msconfig

Sorry for taking so long to reply, holidays took a lot of my time.

I used a little program called startup.exe that does the same thin as msconfig to disabled anything to do with Roxio in all the startup aeas in the registry and starup groups and the virutal divices are still there.

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