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Virtual folder in Windows Explorer

By icelemon ·
hello is there a way to map a folder as a virtual folder on a same drive?

for example:

will have the same content as

and whenever i update [folder1], [folder2] will be updated and vice versa

i am an animator using 3dsmax
i get annoyed when 3dsmax asks for map folders when network rendering
so it will be great if there is a solution to this one

i am asking because there is this software call "GMail Drive shell extension" and this might be some of the same solution?

any help will be great!

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by icelemon In reply to Virtual folder in Windows ...

by the way i have forgot to note that a folder's shortcut won't help ^___^

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by dustyD In reply to Virtual folder in Windows ...

You can map (assign a drive letter) to a shared folder on your own PC. But this will not create two mirrored folders, just one with perhaps an easier way to access it.

What you are trying to do I think is use Raid1, but this requires two hard drives.

RAID level 1 refers to maintaining duplicate sets of all data on separate disk drives. Of the RAID levels, level 1 provides the highest data availability since two complete copies of all information are maintained. In addition. read performance may be enhanced if the array controller allows simultaneous reads from both members of a mirrored pair. During writes, there will be a minor performance penalty when compared to writing to a single disk. Higher availability will be achieved if both disks in a mirror pair are on separate I/O busses, known as duplexing.

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by icelemon In reply to

RAID, for i know its a much more stable server for internet usage. thus i don't see if this is really going to help haha x___x, besides i am on a laptop, so making a RAID on it seems somehow impossible. i am looking forward to some tweaks with windows explorer, or a program that will simulate this "virtual folder" for me. otherwise i think this rather not exists?

but thanks for the answer, by the way nice photo! is that you?

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by Curacao_Dejavu In reply to Virtual folder in Windows ...

just a thought.
how about sharing the same folder twice (different name of course)
in xp you can create multiple shares of the same folder, see the new share tab when create shares.


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by icelemon In reply to

as far as i am trying to understand haha... v___v"
that you are referring to networking folders..
i am trying to achieve "virtual folder" on a same drive
for example C:\FOLDER1 will be the same as C:\FOLDER2
if i got you wrong please repost i'll end this thread with points giving out, sorry i have to rate this unacceptable so i can reply you without closing the question ^___^

thanks! btw i thought people who answers me should have cool photo like DustyD's haha

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Virtual folder in Windows ...

You can assign a drive letter to a folder using subst or if the folders were on different machines you could use DFS to sync files between 2 folders.

Alternatively, if the folder was on a server, and you wanted to save locally, you can use the Offline Folders feature to sync files.

The Briefcase feature can sync files between a folder on a Laptop and a folder on a Desktop PC.

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by icelemon In reply to

really? i have found this link with descriptions for DFS
but rather i am still in mystery what DFS can do for me.
so like... how does it work?

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by Blackcurrant In reply to Virtual folder in Windows ...

Hi Laughing Boy

Leopold is correct - if you are using WinXP Pro. You can share the folder twice using different names. What operating system are you using? Give us this information and we may be able to help you further.

Good luck

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by icelemon In reply to

yeah thanks!
im using windows xp pro sp1
there are other alternative solutions for this situaion really.
but nevertheless im rather a curious boy than a laughing boy ^_____^ (haha)
im not really looking forward for tweaking network folders
i like to see in D drive if there can have this \FOLDER1\ and \FOLDER2\ showing in windows explorer
whilst i add files in folder1 where folder2 will show with the same result

sometimes i think i am dreaming haha
but hopes are still hopes
leave the rest, all the best!
thanks for the suggestion

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by Blackcurrant In reply to Virtual folder in Windows ...

Hi again

Well, have you tried to share a folder twice on your hard drive? Set up the shares and call them folder1 and folder2.

Next, if your computer is called mycomp type the following in explorer:


and press enter. Explorer will show the shared folders which you can right-click and map as drives.

Good luck

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