Virtual Machine Backup Policies

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At my company we are running ESX and are looking for a efficient way to backup the virtual machines. We have thrown ideas around involving downloading the vmdk's and then sending them to tape for an extra sense of security or just staying with a disk based backup solution.

What are you doing for backups?

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Not an ESX expert but....

by ---TK--- In reply to Virtual Machine Backup Po ...

In a brief discussion with our ESX expert, he kind of lauphed at my question "how do we back up the virtual machines?"

Answer: "We don't." but here it the (very) basic set up. The ESX servers are set up in a cluster, and the hosts are set up (reside) on a NAS/SAN. On the NAS/SAN it is set up in a RAID 6, when one of the ESX servers goes down the cluster then picks up that the server is going down, and migrates the virtual machines to another ESX server.

Added: We dont back them up at all b/c we currently have 200 (min) virutal machines. Thats alot of space...

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