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Virtual Memory Low

By padum_1 ·
Hi All,
I have a system with winxp ,sp2 , Hardware-p4 1.8,128 MB , 40 GB.
It shows sometimes vurtual memory too low and it get too slow. Pls tell me how to get rid of this virtual memory low and how do I free some Virtual memory for the same.

Initial sige of page file is 450 and maximum sige is 1050. Expecting a parfect result.........

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by 3xp3rt In reply to Virtual Memory Low

Usually this kind of message you get when is not enough space on drive C:
This thing must be verified for the first time.

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by srazek In reply to Virtual Memory Low

This is a common problem with small memory boxes that are application intensive...
I use the same maximum value for the minimum.
it seems to waste space but the min size will hold that amount on your pc and if it needs more and it seems you do it will try to seize it from the HDD.
I would recommend you put min=max in the page file size and consider upgrading your RAM modules by 256 MB.
MS recommends the page file be 3 times the size of the RAM. But always suggests the more RAM the better

N.B. don?t forget to defragment your Machine before attempting to increase the size to speed up the seek time on the page file

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by Blackcurrant In reply to Virtual Memory Low


As well as the suggestions made above - defragging, setting a static size and increasing your memory (which should be to at least 512MB for XP to run well), I would also say that if you are unable to upgrade, then you should only run essential applications when you need to.

Make sure that you do not have programs running at system startup which you do not need - things like burning software, messengers etc. Making sure these do not run will help free up a little bit more memory. Do not have a lot of programs open at the same time.

Use msconfig to control what runs at startup - remove everything that is not needed.

Your best bet is to put more RAM in your machine.

Good luck

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Virtual Memory Low

You may want to invest in Diskeeper, it does a wonderful job of defraging. I would do a system backup, then defrag the computer completly, mft, pagefile etc. using diskeeper, then set the pagefile minimum manually to 1.5 times the memory. The maximum should be 3 times the memory. Here is a link to explain this

Good Luck!!!

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by cmiller5400 In reply to

Grrrr I hate it when I type wrong... "mft, pagefile etc. using diskeeper, then " Should read "mft, pagefile etc. using diskeeper. Then "

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by pierrejamme In reply to Virtual Memory Low

I concur with Black currant 512MB is a minimum for XP and 1GB is even better. I have three and only one has as little as 512MB. My network has no computers with less than 512MB (125 XP Pro computers).
I won't even install it on a 256MB machine.

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by Jatin G. In reply to Virtual Memory Low

This problem is due to lack of space on your hard drive. Get rid of some unnecessary files the message will go away

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