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Virtual memory question (I guess I should've known it by now...Sorry)

By pakoppan ·

Possibly i know the anwer to the question but I just would like to have a confirmation.

I have 220Gb of HD two partitions of (1Gb each- give or take) and 2Gb of real storage.

Would an increase in real storage,say, from 2Gb to 4Gb allow me to have a larger virtual storage or I'm limted to the HD space only?



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virtual memory

by Sue T In reply to Virtual memory question ( ...

You can't exceed available hard drive space. The more free space you have the bigger you can set the virtual memory size for if you are customizing it. What you could do is put the swap file (virtual memory) on another hard drive. This will work better and faster then just putting it on another partition on the same hard drive.

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myth - swap file on second hard drive goes faster...

by sgt_shultz In reply to virtual memory

it's another CONTROLLER you'll need to hook the page file hard drive up to to see the performance gain. and what kind of controller will make a difference also. I would consult my controller manufacturers website for more info
remember if you get low enought on hard drive space your page file can become fragmented and that will impact performance

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correcting the myth

by jdclyde In reply to myth - swap file on secon ...

Swap file on another HD helps with fragmentation of your system because it is growing and shrinking, as needed.

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Virtual memory- basic information not included initially.

by pakoppan In reply to virtual memory

Please see my posting continuation.

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Virtual memory question

by pakoppan In reply to Virtual memory question ( ...

OK, thanks for the reply.

Now I have to confess that I missed one BIG detail.

I'm running Windows Vista and the virtual memory is limited to a maximum of 4095 Mb per partition. (drive C and D).

Since I have 2 partitions I set each one of them to 4095 and ended up 8190Mb.
For both partitions I set a minimum of 4095 and a maximum of 4095.

Here's a small catch. I'm using an IBM mainframe emulator program that alls me code and excute IBM assembler programs) and there is an IBM macro that allows me to allocate memory outside the program.(GETMAIN).

On a trial and error basis I got to some 944K of virtual memory that can be allocated but I'd need more than that.

Is there any chance to tweak Vista to accept a larger than 4095 MB of page file (I consider it for my purposes as virtual memory) ?

I hope nobody will throw tones at me because of the "IBM part" of this bt the virtual memory situation remains valid.

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