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virtual memory too low

By balumcandd ·

my pc is running now with os-windowsxp sp2 and i have oracle9i and weblogic server and tomcat server on it and it is showing even in the startup also that the virtual memory is too low and the paging file has to be increased
i defragmented some drives
i think main problem due to the 128mb ram
now tell me how to regain this problem
thanking you in advance

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by 3xp3rt In reply to virtual memory too low

For these you need minimum of 256mb ram. But the virtual Memory size usually it?s the double of RAM, so in your case 256mb. It?s definitely low. One solution to increase this from System Properties->Advanced->Perforamce->Settings->Advanced->Virtual Memory->Change. My advice is to change the value to min.1024mb. Good luck!

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by B_Pope In reply to virtual memory too low

Well you've already answered your question, install more RAM!

You can increase your pagefile (Performance Options under Advanced Tab in System Properties) provided you still have enough available HD space. That being said you should also try to always have enough free space on your partition, this allows disk defrag to run properly. The old rule was 25%, but if your using a large HD (80GB plus) 25% isn't really needed & you could go with 20% on a 80GB, 15% on a 100GB & so on.....I wouldn't go less than 10% free space on anything larger than 120GB.

I wouldn't worry to much about increasing your pagefile & stick with upgrading your RAM 1st & formost. With only 128MB of RAM increasing your pagefile may solve the low virtual memory problem but your systems performance will be further degraded, by the sounds of it that PC is likely running pretty slow & you probably don't even realize it.

Since I don't know what MB you have I'll just say to add 512MB of RAM & simply leave the 128MB dimm out of the picture on the basis of compatibility issues. I'd also stick with a name brand of RAM like Kingston, Corsair, Ocz tech or Crucial.

If you upgrade your RAM just let Windows manage your pagefile, XP does a decent job of it.

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by ctrservices In reply to virtual memory too low

You definitely need at least 256 Mb of memory, however I feel you would be happier if you upgraded to 512 Mb.

Also, increasing the virtual memory and pagefile may help, but if you can, add more memory.

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by wlbowers In reply to virtual memory too low

Not to be flip but anyone that tries to run XP and the programs you have in 128meg of ram is crazy.

You have several programs that require tons of memory and you have them choked with the 128meg.

You need a minimum of 1gig, and would be better with 2gig.

I have XP pro and with my programs installed the commitment charge is 176meg.

Add as much memory as you can afford, as soon as you can

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by ctaylor In reply to

Also, you may want to recall that compatibility issues exist between with JAVA and MS Windows. One commen observation is that JAVA apps (such as Tomcat) experience memory leak on the Windows platform when no memory leak is observed running the same software in the *nix environment. Scheduling frequent reboots of your Windows server will help release memory.

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